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seriestv.in false positive


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The /24 refers to the IP range that the site resides on, which is know for hosting malicious content. The owners of the IP address range in question have been unresponsive to abuse reports, meaning that even though we have attempted to contact them several times to report the presence of malicious content on this IP range, they have not responded nor have they taken any action to get the malicious content removed.

Until they act on the abuse reports and get the malicious content removed, we must leave the block in place in order to protect our customers from the content contained on many of the sites on that IP range.

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Pues es cierto que esa web no es un Malware.

Pero lo que realmente me a cabreado es que vuestra aplicación por DEFECTO no avisa de las IP que bloque. Y eso hizo que estuvierá de casi una semana pensando que la web estaba mal, cuando en realidad era que Malwarebytes Anti-Malware no me avisaba de nada cuando el boquea una IP.

Por lo que pido que 1º quiteis la web de la lista de Malware por que es totalmente Falso y 2º que pongais por DEFECTO que aparezca el aviso cuando el programa bloquea una IP. Ya que esto ultimo sobre todo, es precisamente lo que hacen los Malware, realizar acciones sin el consentimiento ni aviso a su usuario.

Un saludo.


Traducción Google (Lo siento, mi ingles es mas bien bajo, no me hago resposabe de la traducción de Google.):


It's true that this site is not a Malware.

But what really pissed me of is that your application does not notify the DEFAULT IP block. And it made was almost a week thinking that the website was wrong, when in fact it was that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware not warned me of anything when an IP gasps.

So I ask that quiteis 1 website Malware list that is totally false and 2nd that you put DEFAULT warning appears when the program blocks an IP. Since this last of all, is precisely what the Malware, perform actions without the consent or notice to the user.

A greeting."

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  • Staff

This IP address does not contain any form of malware. So you you must remove the lock.



If you can not contact the hosting, not the fault of the website that is being censored. I have already offered a means of communication with the web. Please just have to take out the IP of the IP blocked


You have failed to take on board what has been said above, the hosting company does NOT respond to our abuse reports therefore IPs which are hosting malicious content continue to remain live. We have already told you that for the protection of our customers, the block will remain in place. Sadly it will also block legit sites which is regrettable but necessary.


Demmanding removal of your site/IP from the blocklist will not achieve your desired result. I advise you strongly complain to your hoster and consider moving to another hosting provider.

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