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Is the bitshare domain a false positive and proxy overriding website protection

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I am a bitshare user and MBAM pro always treats files hosted from that site as a false positives as it's always blocked

http://bitshare.com/files/ (resolved as 199.80.55.***)

While I can add a file or folder in the ignore list, I can't select a domain which I want to exclude. Like bitshare for example is always 199.80.55.xxx if MBAM can include an option to manually it that would be cool.

Also, while website blocking is a bit overrated I can easily bypass it if I use any browser proxy which sort of defeats the purpose.

Please at least exlude bitshare which I don't think it's a malware site since it only hosts files or include a feature which websites can be excluded manually in your next update of MBAM pro.. thanks

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  • Staff

Thank you for contacting us on this issue.

As you may/may not already be aware, a file sharing site does not necessarily get blocked just because of malware. Other reasons include the spreading of cracks, keygens and illegal copyright software (warez and pirate music/films).

The site/IP will be looked into.

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Please post the actual IP being blocked (in this case, it's not an F/P as far as the block being in place, as the entire /24 has been housing malicious content for as long as I can remember, and still is, as of a quick check 2 seconds ago).

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