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MBAM Downloading Free Version

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Background - I am not a complete PC idiot but I have limitations! I had viruses cleaned by IT techs. They installed free version (Trial I think). Trial appeared to time expire. I could still update and scan but kept getting notification that Trail had expired.

Called my IT provider. Told me to uninstall and download free version.

So I did.

The warning of trial version expires has returned. The latest software loaded and appears to work.

I am an older and frugal (cheap when necessary) Free version is all that I need. The extra stuff in PRO is bonus

Question: 1. Is the MBAM actually working?

2. How can I remove / stop the pop up "Your Trail Version has Expired" window ?

3. MBAM works well. Free version good enough for me. Do I need to get PRO version or is it just highly recommended?

Thanks for any help / ideas.

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Hello and :welcome:

1. If you have the Trial version installed and expired, it is only working on demand, like the free version does. It will only update and scan when you ask it to.

2. As for ending the trial, have a look at this knowledge base article => HERE <=

3. I agree, MBAM works well. The free version is enough for some users, and you are correct, it is highly recommended by not only us here at Malwarebytes but by also lots of other folks around the internet. If you want to reduce the risk of getting infected from the latest threats, its best to be actively protected by the features of PRO. It will always run in the background and will protect you against the latest threats, and with the Web Blocker feature it will block known sites that distribute malware, hence reducing your chances of getting infected.

Hope that clears things up for you.

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When the trial expired notification appears, click on it and then click on the End Trial button and that should eliminate the notifications.

The Pro version is very much recommended in order to prevent infections, rather than attempting to detect and remove them after the fact (an old saying comes to mind that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this holds especially true when you're talking about preventing the theft of personal data/info in addition to preventing any potential damage to your operating system which might occur should you incur an infection).

With the current state of modern malware and the rate at which it changes and adapts to attempt to avoid detection by traditional antivirus software, it is absolutely essential to have at least one additional layer of defense against the latest 0-day threats. This is precisely what Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is designed for; to detect and prevent the latest threats which most antivirus software will typically miss.

It goes beyond just malware detection however, with our Website Blocking feature, it safeguards your system against connections to malicious websites and servers that host malware. This means that even if a piece of malware or malicious exploit might not be blocked by your antivirus or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's Filesystem Protection, if it's coming from a known malicious website, we will block connection to the malicious site thus preventing the infection from getting in. Beyond that, we also have detection technology built into the Filesystem Protection component which is designed to specifically target the latest exploits, a feat which the free version is not capable of.

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