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Scripted network hack of my computer using router


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Thanks for a moment of your time. I am in desperate need of your help. Desperate because my computer, a 64 bit Windows Home Premium OS, HP Pavillion has been made a client machine on an unknown network admin's domain. I have done a couple years worth of investigation...learning a lot as I proceed. And I have narrowed the Hack to the exploitation of my WIRED router-in this case a Netgear WNR1000v2, but the brand is irrelevant-using a script I found that contains a reference to a program called Dnsmasq and something called MICROSOFT WINDOWS RALLY PROGRAM among others which I will include at the bottom of this text.

On Netgear utility app called Genie [which denies me permission to Wireless, ReadyShare and parental controls] I try to enter a password that control,using I get a message that says " The server at WebAdmin request a password which is not the standard PW or the one I created.. I logged on today using an ethernet cable from modem directly to my pc, but the the Netgear router [unplugged and disconnected] app called Genie indicates that I am passing through the router?????????

I have lost control of my computer and have not yet been able to regain it due to a lack of knowledge regarding this open code written by someone else. Please help me understand how to remove this control from my PC. I would be so very grateful.


I tried to attach the wordpad doc that I copied from the Notepad Script but was unsuccesful. Contains many references to unknown programs. So here are some selected keywords:

Binary or Source code */...bpalogin.sourceforge.net bridge.sourceforge.net/....busybox-1.4.2...dnsmasq-2.39...iptables-1.3.5

http://www.microsoft...iupnpd-20070127... ftp://ftp.samba.org/.......udhcp-0.9.8

wireless-tools-29.pre1...datalib...detcable..dni-ripd...dns-ipupdate...Oray...detwan...led-control...net-util...radvd...telnetenable...[ap91-hostapd]... hostapd...Atheros...BSD/GPL...ap91-madwifi-11n-scripts]... madwifi... wlanlog...ap91-wpatalk]...hostapd...Kernel Modules...Linux-2.6.15... ag7240-enet

ag7240-gpio...ipv6-cone...netfilter...dnirtsp...ftp alg...pptp drv...netgear-rejec...urlblock....ap91-madwifi-11n.

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Sorry to hear about your perceived problem. However you picked the wrong sub-forum.

PC Help

"Post your Windows, Hardware, Networking, and Software questions here. Please do not post any questions regarding malware in this forum."

If you think you have a malware problem, I suggest reading the following topic; Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers to obtain one-on-one assistance from a forum helper.

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