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System Care AntiVirus Spyware

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So my dad was going through his e-mail like he does every day and made the unfortunate mistake of clicking an e-mail that was linked to some malicious download of sorts for this "System Care AntiVirus".

I was reading a thread on here already about it, and I started following the instructions, but I stopped after reading a moderator post instructing users to post their own help thread instead of following directions since it is different for everybody.

So here is where I am at currently.

After getting my hands on the laptop, (it's running windows 7), I booted into safe mode and began an AVG Scan. This came up with a few things, that it says it deleted. But I went ahead and did a Spybot Search & Destroy scan which found some malware and other things.

I then booted up normally and was mildly surprised to see that it made it past those scans.

I downloaded Malwarebytes and did a scan. It came up with 7 problems, and deleted them, prompted me to reboot, and I did. Now that I rebooted, I'm getting consistent system tray messages from Malware bytes saying that it successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website,

Type: outgoing

Port: all over the place, process: svchost.exe

I guess more or less I'm looking for someone to lend a hand in instructing me to fix this without a reformat if possible and without spending any money.

I'll be following this thread every day, 2-3 times daily. Help :(

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