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2 screens pop up at update/scan.

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I've got my MBPro set to update/scan at approx 0200 daily. It pops up a window at beginning and a few moments/minutes later at end.

I frequently play online MMOs, and the window takes the focus twice.while I'm doing other stuff.

Can I stop the MBPro update/scan from taking the focus?


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Hello and :welcome:

At the moment I do not think there is a way to stop it from taking focus. The updates should be done in the background, and you could have your scan performed in the background as well by going to your scheduler and Enable Perform scheduled scan silently from system account.

Just a not, if you have both the scan and update to run at 0200 daily, May I suggest you schedule your updates and scans to happen at a time when you are not using your computer to avoid what your seeing....

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I'll alter my scan time, thanks for the reply.

The scan was working fine, until I changed my schedule. Altering the scan won't be an issue. But I would like to know if if/when it ever becomes possible to keep the screens from taking focus.

My regards.

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Application window focus has been an issue since Windows 3.1 and I don't see any signs of it ever going away.

There are ways to truly force focus (think of User Account Control) but then you absolutely cannot do anything else period until you acknowledge that window which most users certainly don't want that type of behavior. Thus why it is an event and other events can interfere with it.

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