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Opinions After Being (Stupidly) Violated

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I was stupid. I wish I could blame it on my wife, but (alas) I should had KNOWN better.

My wife gave me a message that while I was out, someone from Microsoft called to say that they are receiving a large volume of "errors" from our PC. I assumed they meant our home PC (4 year old Dell w/Vista Home PC). The computer has multiple issues including IE crashing upon launching, so it seemed feasible that they would call (dumby me).

Well I called them yesterday, and allowed "them" to connect to our PC with TeamViewer. I watched as they looked at Windows error logs, and then loaded an "anti-virus" program. It started scanning and then she connected me to a "technican" and a chat box opened up. She said to enter my name, phone number and email address to register with the support technician. At this point I was highly suspicious and shut down the computer, and hung up. I'm sure it was all a scam (and SHAME on me for falling for it after being involved with IT stuff ssince 1982!!!)

Anyway, I disconnected the computer from the Internet and booted her up (Vista Home Premium). Nothing apparently amiss.

I ran the MalwareBytes program (quick and full scans). No malicious files detected. I checked McAfee Anti-virus Plus, computer is "protected).

I then connected back to the Internet, updated Malware Bytes , disconnected and repeated the quick/full scans. All clean.

Right now I am performing a full scan with McAfee ANti-virus Plus (60% done - no problems).

My question is if both Malware Bytes and McAfee come back clean, is the computer OK?

Fortunately this is our family computer, so nothing really critical on it. No tax info, etc. But still..... I worry. I could take it to Geek Squad and get it flushed again (maybe upgrade to Win 7 Home which I was considering doing anyway...




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Well, I would say your computer is probably 90% safe... I say 90% because there is no antivirus covering all the virus signature.

Eventually try to scan with a well known antivirus editor such as BITDEFENDER ,ESET or KASPERSKY




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Yes... It's a scam !

One must always use Critical Thought.

* Ask questions

* Second source information

* Perform reference checks

Why would Microsoft, a software vendor, call you about your PC ?

How would anybody even know about "errors" emanating from your PC ?

Maybe your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may contact you but Microsoft ? No way !

Avoid tech support phone scams

Tech Support Scams

I'll tell 'ya, I won't even allow my ISP, Verizon, remotely access my PC even if I called them for support.

Now maybe they didn't plant malware but how do you know they didn't exfiltrate personal data and files ?

Therefore besides performing anti malware scans, you should consider changing ALL passwords associated and used with that computer.

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Hi, jimmy1961:

In addition to DHL's highly expert advice (especially about taking the precaution of changing all your internet passwords from a known clean machine), if you would like a malware expert to assist you with running some additional scans, just to be sure you're clean, please follow the steps in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.



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