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can't find Windows/installer directory, possible virus?


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Hi everibody,

I downloaded Malwarebytes and i'm using the trial version. I did several scans of the system and of singular directory in this period because i'm trying to format my notebook and i'm backuping all my files.

despite the scans I'm not sure to be not infected because when i tryied to uninstall some programs, a window ask to me the permission to make a program of an unknown author to modify the system. The window say the program is in Windows/Installer, but I can't see this directory.

The first time I tried to uninstall the program in safe mode the system said windows installer had a problem. Finally i uninstalled the program whith ccleaner and I though the problem was solved.

Today I updated adobe reader. Unluckily my notebook shut down suddenly because of alimentation problems.

While the pc shut down, I was using adobe reader and after I restart the system adobe reader doesn't work anymore. I try to uninstall it, and the window of the windows/installer ghost directory appears again.

I'm afraid my pc is infected but I need to be sure of that before to back up all my files a to format the system.

Thank 4 ur help

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Hello and welcome, pit: :)

I'm afraid my pc is infected but I need to be sure of that before to back up all my files a to format the system.

Please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

A qualified helper will guide you through the cleanup process and will assist with repairing the system damage from the infection.

If you are unable to run the requested preliminary scanning tool, DDS, because of system damage, then just go ahead and start a new post anyway, explaining that it will not run.

The experts will have some additional tools/tricks to try.

After your malware helper gives you the "all clear", if there are other, non-malware-related issues, he/she may refer you back here to the PC Help section for further assistance.



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Thank u very much spam hunters,

I will follow the advice given in the topic and i will report the result as soon as possible.

Before that I'd like to know if there are any smart procedure to scan my external hard disk where i begun to backup my files... because after all theese operations I will format my computer, but If my external hard disk will be still infected I won't solve the problem...


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Hi, pit: :)

The safest bet is to just go ahead and follow the steps >>here<<, and then open your new post in the malware removal section.

OR (if you are a paid user of MBAM PRO) you may wish instead to open a ticket directly at the help desk.

Your malware helper will walk you through the process of scanning and cleaning your system (including your external hard drives, if needed), using your anti-virus (AV), MBAM, and any other necessary tools.



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Hi Spam Hunters,

I followed the procedure and now I'm going to post the content of the txt files generated by ddsin the right forum... Have I to copy and paste the content of the logs here too?

Thank u so much

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