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Department of Justice Moneypak Issues

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My laptop - one provided by my school, so I have no administrator permissions - recently got infected with the Department of Justice Moneypak Ransomware virus from research I was doing through Google. I've had a different strain of this before and had no problem getting rid of it with the help of MalwareBytes, but this one is being exceptionally stubborn to try to delete. I'm posting from my own computer at the moment, but I have both computers readily available.

The infected computer is running Windows XP Professional.

Both types of MalwareBytes scans, Full and Quick, turn up no results.

I can access Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Command Prompt without difficulty.

However, the DoJ ransomware window pops up in Safe Mode with Networking, so I cannot download or update anything.

I cannot run regedit.

I cannot access other user accounts.

I cannot access 'Add or Remove Programs'.

I used MSConfig to disable it in the startup, but it still loads regardless of the fact that I stopped it from doing so.

I deleted its .dll from my User folder, but it's still there.

I do not have a CD burner, so I can't use a Kaspersky Rescue Disk. I do have a flash drive, however, so I can transfer files.

I cannot format my flash drive; I have backed up files on it that I have nowhere to store at the moment. I'm a bit worried about transfering things to this computer.

The only thing I risked transfering was the logs from DDS, and even then I attached them straight from the drive.

I also have the Google Redirect virus which MalwareBytes found three times before, but never seemed to be able to get rid of despite deleting it. It's not finding it anymore, though.

Please help me. I need the infected laptop clean in order to do my schoolwork, and I'm already quite a bit behind. Thank you so much to whoever responds.



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