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Malwarebytes Secure Backup 1.0 Released!

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Malwarebytes Secure Backup

We are excited to announce the release of our newest malware security tool, Malwarebytes Secure Backup, for General Availability. Malwarebytes Secure Backup not only helps keep your files safe with regular backups to either secure cloud storage or local storage, but also makes sure that you do not back up any malware by scanning every file that you back up. In addition, Malwarebytes Secure Backup:

  • Eliminates worrying about lost files
  • Remembers to back up when you don’t
  • Removes the threat of saving or spreading infected files
  • Uses backup technology named “The top-rated backup solution” by PC Magazine
  • Automatically scans your important files for malware even if you forget to run your usual antivirus/anti-malware scan on your system. It is a malware “fail-safe.”

Be sure to check out our blog update, Step Forward with Malwarebytes Secure Backup, which describes all the cool features about this tool.

When you are ready to try or buy, visit our Malwarebytes Secure Backup web site.

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You guys have no idea how excited I am for this :).

I am sure you are quite proud of the hard work your staff does and has put into not only this product but all the tools your provide.

No amount of Thanks Yous could cover our gratitude for all you guys do.....

That being said, we could use some upgrade instructions for those of us that have been using the beta version.....

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I installed it this morning and uploaded a large zip file, over 1GB. It took about two hours to upload and about 35 minutes to restore. Everything went fine. I was able to open the restored zip file and then open the extracted files.

I understand about the relatively long upload time for the very large file. It is not a problem for my purposes. However I have some questions.

1. Beginning with Version 1.75.3 MBAM is able to scan inside archived files. Secure Backup scans files as they are being backed up. My questions are. Does Secure Backup scan inside an archived file such as a zip file as it is being backed up? Does it scan inside the archive for both local and cloud backups?

2. I noticed that the amount of space used was still zero after the backup had been completed. Is this because I am using the Trial Version?

3. While I received an email after the backup was completed I did not receive one after the restore was completed. This wold be a nice feature especially when restoring large files during which the individual may leave the computer and go somewhere. By sending an email when a restore is completed a person who had left the computer after the restore began would know it has completed by using any other computer including mobile devices which had access to his/her email account.

I still have a couple more questions but I think I will find the answers to them as I continue to use the product. If not I will post the questions once I have gathered all of them in my mind.

Overall a very nice job by MBAM. I expected no less :) I will be purchasing a license later today.

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Problem trying to install on another computer


I have three W8 computers all of them have MSXML 3 and MSXML 6 installed. I have had no problems installing any apps before this.

I was able to Install MBAM Secure Backup on 2 W8 Pro computers however in both cases the intall asked that MSXML 4.20.9818 alternatively named MSXML 4 SP3 (KB2758964) be installed. On one of those computers running under EUFI I was able to install MBAM Secure Backup before installing MSXML 4 SP3 (KB2758964). I then installed (KB2758964).

On the other computer running under BIOS the install of MBAM Secure Backup crashed with an error 1935 asking that I install MSXML 4.20.9818 alternatively named 4 SP3 (KB2758964). I then proceeded to install (KB2758964) and restart the computer. I was then able to install MBAM Secure Backup.

On a third W8 Pro computer running under BIOS again I could not install MBAM Secure Backup. The install crashed just as in the case with the other W8 Pro computer running under BIOS while it was attempting to "publish product information" (error 1935) and asked that I install MSXML 4.20.9818 (KB2758964) I tried to install (KB2758964) but could not. This is a Windows problem. Lets move on.

My question is if my W8 Pro computers are already running MSXML 3 and MSXML 6 why is the MBAM Secure Backup requiring/asking that I install MSXML 4 SP3 (KB2758964) which appears to have been updated and replaced with MSXML 6?

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Great news!!! A question, for any future updates, where would one go? Or can you check for updates from within the program itself (I have not checked yet).

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