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How "secure" do you now feel with Firefox ?


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A local TV News station story I picked up on -


A quick link for all of those who think Firefox is a much more "secure" browser -

Internet users tricked into downloading falsely named 'Firefox' spyware.

FinFisher by Gamma International, is legitimate monitoring software thought to be used by governments to covertly obtain data.Finfisher is legitimate monitoring software thought to be used by governments to covertly obtain data.

The Mozilla Foundation has accused UK software group Gamma International of tricking internet users into downloading surveillance software called FinFisher by falsely associating it with the Firefox name.

A quick story on Gamma International from Wiki -

And this is the FinFisher program, again from Wiki

It may be time to check all your Add-Ons in Firefox ! ! ! !

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This was just to show that we all need to take care with what we install ....

It is not to say that all Firefox users are being spied upon.

Like using a fake MBAM, (as you say) that some get suckered into, it shows we need to check Versions and Add-Ons.

The HJT / Malware area is full of people that hit the wrong button without fully checking it out first.

Even I have done the wrong thing in the past, just because it looked like the right version.

This was only posted for people to check their Versions etc.

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