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bad port blocking not working

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hi there,

I frequently use utorrent and I was using the trial version of malwarebytes. With the trial version a popup frequently occured everytime while utorrent was active, alerting me of blocked ips, that was good!

After the trail I purchased the pro version and installed. but now the pro version doesnt seem to block and bad ips at all while utorrent is active? this is not good at all as I know utorrent is not really a secure piece of software.

Any information regarding the issue would be appriceiated.



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Greetings and welcome :)

While it is odd that you aren't getting IP blocks with uTorrent active, the connections themselves are not a risk for getting infected. The risk comes into play when an application such as your internet browser connects to them. More information on that can be found here. That being said, there are risks to using peer-to-peer software, but that's due to the content being downloaded, not the content's source. For example, if you were to download a file using uTorrent, it's possible that it might contain a Trojan or other malware which might infect you, but where the file came from makes no difference.

With regards to the behavior you're seeing, please verify that Website Blocking is in fact enabled by opening Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and looking at the Protection tab. Make sure that the following options are checked:

  • Enable malicious website blocking
  • Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked

Also verify that you see the blue Malwarebytes Anti-Malware logo in your task tray next to your system clock on the lower right hand side of your screen.

You should also test to verify that website blocking is working by visiting this webpage, it is our website blocking test page on our own servers and is perfectly safe, but set up for our customers to verify that the website blocking component of the protection module is functional. Additional info on testing your protection may be found here. Once you visit the test page, you should see a block notification tooltip in your tray.

If you cannot access the page but you still see no tooltip balloon, then please see Section G of our FAQ where it says I have it set to show the notifications in Malwarebytes but they do not show up, how can I fix it? and that should help.

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thanks for your fast reply,

First I made sure that the all the protection modes were enabled. Then clicked blocking test page and it was not blocked.

So something was definately suss. but I managed to rectify the problem myself. IMO I totally do not trust utorrent at all and believe it some how stopped your program from blocking bad ip's but could be anything. this is the only bad software i really have on the PC and it's a fresh install from about a month ago. Also I did not have any AV software running at all untill about an hour ago.

two things I did:

1. (completely) unistalled utorrent. with unistall programs and also removing all traces manually from regedit.

2. installed f-secure internet security 2013

quick scan with f-secure and no infections.

restart PC, then came back online to check out block test page and now can't access it. Then closed firefox, disabled f-secure and logged back onto block page and is still blocked by malwarebytes....................success!!

Who know how it stopped, and can't be sure what fixed the problem but its fixed.



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