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Doubt whith installation of malware bytes


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I already have an antivirus installed on my personal computer..

recently I was attacked by a malware during the upgrade of torrent... My antivirus checked the attack and I've already made a total system scan, but I'm not sure the problem is solved.... can I install malware bytes or it could conflict whit my already installe d antivirus?

Thanks for help

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Hello and welcome, pit: :)

>>Yes, you can run MBAM PRO alongside your anti-virus (AV). :)

In fact, MBAM PRO is specifically designed to provide layered protection with a robust AV. :)

Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?

In some cases, on some systems, users find it helpful to set mutual exclusions between MBAM PRO and their AV, to optimize performance.

If you tell us the name and version of the AV you use, we can provide some specific guidance for that.

>>Having said that, no security product -- not even MBAM -- can protect you 100% of the time from 100% of the millions of malware variants that exist today.

You mentioned that you use torrents.

Filesharing/downloading from unknown sources is one of the leading causes of transmission of malware.

Here are some helpful articles about that:

Risks of File-Sharing Technology.

P2P file sharing: Know the risks

>>You also mentioned that you're not sure if you might be infected.

If you would like expert help checking your system, please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers. A qualified helper will guide you through the diagnostics and the cleanup process.



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