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Server got hit by the recent false positive snapfoo


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As the topic says my server recently got hit by the false positive fiasco. I booted up the server in safe mode with networking and try to run the fix as administrator. The OS is Server 2012 64-bit. I started it last night about 9:00 pm before i went to bed. I woke up this morning and it was still chugging away. So i thought maybe something when screwy so i closed it and tried to restart it. That was at about 6:00 am. Well its now 10 minutes before 6:00pm and the thing is STILL running. When you look at the command window you can tell its making progress because if you watch it you see a new file every minute or so. Most of the file are repeats but when i fixed a windows 8 machine lately i also got a lot of repeats but it finished within 15 minutes. This has almost been running 12 hours. Also i looked at CPU utilization and it is using about 25% of the cpu. What should i do at this point? Though i could try to kill it again and see if the machine will boot. Just because it will boot doesn't mean the machine is at 100%. There could be weird problems that could happen later.

FYI: I did email support but haven't received a response yet.

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You should have the Server install ISO image or DVD and you can do a system repair with that.

But having done network server support for many years let me just say that you really need to get a daily backup going of any server. Way too many things that can take down and damage a sever. Depending on how many users it serves it can impact a lot of users.

No data has been lost in this only OS files and some vendor files. You might also be able to do a restore from Previous Files (server supports this just like Windows 7 does)


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