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Why Don't Scheduled Updates Execute At The Scheduled Time?

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I have scheduled updates to run daily at the same time each day, ~1:00pm. I've noticed that the update doesn't ever run at 1:00pm, but rather seems to run anywhere between 1:10 - 1:15pm. Anyone have an logical explanation for why the updates are not executed at the scheduled time?

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Hi, luppapup:

Absolutely, positively do please follow forum Admin AdvancedSetup's advice, of course. :)

But, just for reference: scheduled updates take place randomly in a window that starts 15 minutes before and ends 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

So, for example, an update scheduled hourly at XX:30 might happen any time between XX:15 and XX:45.

I think this could possibly account for what you describe in your updating behavior?

(Scheduled scans, however, do occur at the precise scheduled time.)

HTH, :)


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