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I did a typical quick scan and DevFind.exe came up in a temp folder. I ran a scan earlier and nothing came up. So I assume I got this via some site I visited (my guess it was a blog post I got a link to that turned out to be a conspiracy theory site....)

Anyhow I let malwarebytes do its thing, quarantined it, rebooted and did another quick scan - nothing came up. I'm running a full scan now. Thing is I can't find ANYTHING credible about what this actually is. All that comes up are redflagged sites that WOT has in the red and all of them sound like infected sites themseleves.

Has anyone heard of this?

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I found a couple of sites giving some info:



If you used MB to delete it, it should still be in quarantine, if you want more info on it.....restore it and then upload it to VirusTotal for a free scan. (Copy back the url)



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Thank you for the help!

I did a full scan and eveything came up clean. Seems it was a false positive. I restored the file did a quick MB scan and nothing came up. Seems the file is used by the network card on my laptop. It was located in the temp folder with the set up files for it. I'd disabled the card in the past due to issues with the software. This had happened before now that I think back only with a different part of the set up package. The file also looks to be associated with IP Camera software apparently. My guess is the file is just a part of certain set up packages for particular hardware.

I checked the file on virus tool also. The detection ration was 0/46...so it seems the file is clean.


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Glad we could help. :)

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