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Can I change my "Administrator" without reloading XP?

SF Shoim

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I just had my PC - running XP Pro - cleaned of malware....thanks to the MBAM team!! During the various steps I was asked to run one of the utilities "as Admin" and I wasn't able to access Administrator as it didn't accept any of my passwords. Is there some way to reset Administrator without reloading XP & all of my programs?

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i take it that you have an account that is "yours" ... what "level" or permissions do you have on that account ?

if you have an "almost god" permissions , you may be able to promote your account and then fix the admin account .

there is another way to reset/promote the accounts with an (-*ahem*-) "utility" that you boot into ... but ... this is not for the inexperienced user to attempt .

perhaps one of the other members has a more fitting solution/work around ?

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  • Root Admin

You can create a NEW account and give it Admin rights. I would recommend having more than just the local Administrator as an Admin account just in case you need for repair work.

If it won't allow you to create an Admin account then you may have something else going on.

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If you are already listed as administrator then you have admin rights. If you are trying to change the password to the build in administrator account, you can reboot your computer in safe mode. At the login prompt you will see your account and the administrator account. Login as yourself then go to control panel and user accounts. From there you can change the password to the administrator account.

Hope that helps.

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