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My website www.reins-wi-org on IP address is not being allowed to load in maleware bytes but is showing up as 100% clear when scanned on http://urlvoid.com/. This site is for a non-profit that helps handicapped, I'm a professional developer and built it and is used for informational purposes only. I don't see why it would be getting stopped.

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The problem isn't with your site, but with the IP your site is housed on. There's been a multitude of compromised sites housing exploits.

However, at present, only one of these are now still active, which means there's no longer enough to warrant the continued blocking, so the block on the IP will be removed on the next update.

It is worth noting however, especially with networks as large as GoDaddys, that significant numbers of compromised sites can be present on a single IP, (i.e. shared servers*) due to (in most cases), either compromised machines leading to the site owners cPanel/FTP etc credentials getting stolen, or more commonly, out of date or otherwise vulnerable, CMS installations (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla). As long as the number is low enough, or the host is quick to respond and take action, the IP isn't blocked. In this case however, the number has been high enough across a multitude of their IPs, and their abuse dept has been either extremely slow to respond, or in some cases, simply not responded or taken action at all (don't mind if they don't respond, if they actually take action).

* In comparison to dedicated servers, a shared server can house either a small number of sites (e.g. 10) or hundreds of thousands of sites. Whereas dedicated servers are owned typically, by a single person and only house their own projects/websites (and thus, tend not to be as affected as shared severs)

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