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How about subforums to split Consumer from Enterprise topics?

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I know this is not usually appreciated, but I am copying a post I made in another thread because I want to reach the proper audience.

As a non-professional IT user, I am drowning in a sea of comments in these forums. I am no slacker, I have used PCs from the early days and build my own. However, IT has developed into quite a complicated profession over the years, one in which I do not participate.... therefore I am just a little above average computer savvy dude.

I don't know if I speak for all newbees, but how about a section of the forum devoted to us? I am frustrated trying to wade through all the Enterprise problems when they have no bearing on my little issues, just as IT pros sigh at the idiotic posts by newbees ("help!", "help me please", etc.).

For those of us that need less than Enterprise info, it would be nice for a consumer level tutorial on what protocols are useful to maintain a reasonably safe level of protection using Malwarebytes and other tools. For example, only "Chameleon" has a demo video... how about AntiRootKit, etc.? In the meantime, System Administrators will not have to wade through those inane topics they consider kindergarten level.

There are other online product support forums that do this. I am not asking MWB to re-invent the wheel. Just split this forum up so that those of us Consumers will not be driven away by being overwhelmed with techie discussions by Administrators that we have no interest in or is above our level of expertise. We are MWB members, too, and we deserve help on our own level.

(It might be helpful to post a sticky at the top of the forums to the effect: Read this before posting.... and state how to post a topic and get a good response. IOW refrain from subjects such as "help" :) )

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  • Root Admin

There are stickies and we have discussed about having a Business sub-forum but have not made a decision about this at this time. This FP was completely unexpected and why there is so much traffic, normally the site is pretty calm and organized.

Normally most of these Network Techs wouldn't be here but in some cases are actually being quite helpful for both Consumers and other Business users.

Thank you

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