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MBAM Catastrophe 13 PC’s

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We are a computer repair service, and recommend MBAM for many of our Clients. This morning, so far we have had 13 PC’s presented to our shop with a common thread. They are getting multiple notifications from Malwarebytes, and then errors stating that files are missing or cannot start, such as “RAVCpl64.exe” and “TECOresident.exe” and multiple others including but not limited to those associated with Adobe and Avast.

In most cases Clients report that they restart their machine and then it will not boot. We are working with one machine now that will and have discovered that MBAM will not uninstall through Windows Programs and Features. We’re about to use the uninstall tool.

This is happening on XP, Vista, 7 and 8 machines.

Had another two just come in reporting the same issues.

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You should first attempt to systematically repair the system either by using the MBAM GUI if possible or if not then by using our repair tool for this. Do not use the MBAM CLEAN tool as that will remove the quarantine files as well and then you won't be able to restore them.

If you need further assistance please let us know but that post linked to by John should provide quite a bit of information for you.

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We ended up getting in about 28 PC’s yesterday with this issue and were able to repair all but 1 (so far) without many difficulties. Using a DART disk helped on many machines to restore to an earlier date.

Although it was unfortunate that the software temporarily exhibited aggressive and sometimes cannibalistic behaviors, we sincerely believe that this was a very isolated and rare accident. We still have the upmost faith in the product and will continue to recommend it to all of our Clients.

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