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As many of you are aware, we suffered a false positive earlier today which caused many of our users' systems to be rendered inoperable. The offending database was v2013.04.15.12, and was live for only 8 minutes.

We sincerely apologize for this false positive and an update was immediately pushed out to remove the offending definition that caused this.


For Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Users:

Option A -- if your system can boot normally

Use the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware False Positive Fix Tool:

  • Make certain you are logged in as an administrator
  • Download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FP Fix Tool from here and save it to a convenient location such as your desktop
  • Extract all of the files to a folder and run RunThis.bat. NOTE: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users must right-click on the file and choose Run as Administrator and click Yes or Continue to any User Account Control prompts
  • Restart your system and verify that it is now working properly

NOTE: There may be extra files in quarantine that will not be restored, though the system will be bootable. These are duplicate backup files and the files in question should already be restored.

Option B -- if your system cannot boot normally

Step 1: Boot into Safe Mode with Networking:

Windows XP:

  • Restart your computer.
  • When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with the Windows XP Advanced Options menu.
  • Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys.
  • Then press Enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode with Networking.

You should then be presented with the Windows XP Login screen. Log in to Windows and when it prompts you about Safe Mode and asks if you'd like to continue click Yes.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  • Restart your computer.
  • When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys.
  • Then press Enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode with Networking.

You should then be presented with the Windows Login screen. Log in to Windows.

Step 2: Use the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware False Positive Fix Tool:

  • Make certain you are logged in as an administrator
  • Download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FP Fix Tool from here and save it to a convenient location such as your desktop
  • Extract all of the files to a folder and run RunThis.bat. NOTE: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users must right-click on the file and choose Run as Administrator and click Yes or Continue to any User Account Control prompts
  • Restart your system normally and verify that it is now working properly.

NOTE: There may be extra files in quarantine that will not be restored, though the system will be bootable. These are duplicate backup files and the files in question should already be restored.


Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition Customers:

  • Within the console reinstall MBAM over the top (push install)
  • Use Windows tasks to execute the command (as admin): "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamapi.exe" /quarantine -restore all

If the above failed, then you may also do the following

Use the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware False Positive Fix Tool:

  • Make certain you are logged in as an administrator
  • Download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FP Fix Tool from here and save it to a convenient location such as your desktop
  • Extract all of the files to a folder and run RunThis.bat. NOTE: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users must right-click on the file and choose Run as Administrator and click Yes or Continue to any User Account Control prompts
  • Restart your system and verify that it is now working properly


If you are still having a problem:

For those of you still having problems, please contact support via the following links and they will assist you directly in getting your systems functioning properly again:

Home User Support

Business Support

Please be sure to include the following information to expedite the repair process:

  • OS installed (i.e. XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc.)
  • Whether you have restarted your computer yet or not
  • Whether or not the system is bootable if you have attempted a restart of your system yet
  • Whether or not you have your Windows installation media (CD, DVD, recovery discs etc.)

We have also taken extensive measures to ensure that a false positive like this never happens again. Once more, I apologize that this occurred and hopefully we will be able to get everyone's systems in proper working order once more without too much trouble.

Thank you

Added 04/18/2013

Note for those that may require additional resources we have posted a new topic with various off site links to other possible resources of help. Computer Resources for Repair and Management

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Added link to additional resources
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If you can get Windows to boot (safe mode or not). Download this file: Here

Unzip the file then run the file: RunThis.bat as admin. This should restore all your files from quarantine.

If you cannot get into Windows, please create a new topic so that a helper/staffer can assist you further.

Thank you.

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If you can get Windows to boot (safe mode or not). Download this file: Here

Unzip the file then run the file: RunThis.bat as admin. This should restore all your files from quarantine.

If you cannot get into Windows, please create a new topic so that a helper/staffer can assist you further.

Thank you.

when i run this as administrator nothing really happens. does that mean it ran? when i go back into malware bytes after running this i sitll can't restore the quarrantined files.

also the comptuer keeps saying the daignoistc poly service is not running, and also service to detect this status is disabled. also i tried to do system restore and i also get a message saying it can't restore.

i still have 90 programs in quarrantine

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If you can get Windows to boot (safe mode or not). Download this file: Here

Unzip the file then run the file: RunThis.bat as admin. This should restore all your files from quarantine.

If you cannot get into Windows, please create a new topic so that a helper/staffer can assist you further.

Thank you.

also should i run mbam-rules.exe?
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Please post an mbam-check log:

Create an mbam-check log:

  • Download mbam-check.exe from here and save it to your desktop
  • Double-click on mbam-check.exe to run it, it should then open a log file
  • Please attach the CheckResults.txt file which should now be located on your desktop to your next reply

Thank you.

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The runthis.bat will grab the rules.ref file out of mbam-rules.exe and place a good version of our database into your programdata folder.

RunThis.bat is the only file you need to run to fix this issue.

ok i did this, when i go back into malwarebyes it still doesn't let me restore the files, any further thoughts?
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I disagree. I downloaded the .bat file and it will not run.

I get "Windows cannot find 'd:\mbam\RunThis.bat'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again. If I go to a standard command prompt (as it wont allow me to an admin one) I can run "fixtool.exe /quarantine -restore all"

It does alot of disk activity, but system is still cobbled all up.

I cannot run second part, the rules.exe as it says "ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2. The system cannot find the file specified"

still cannot install anything, and do not want to reboot...too afraid...


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ok i did this, when i go back into malwarebyes it still doesn't let me restore the files, any further thoughts?

Please read and follow the directions here: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=125138&view=findpost&p=669505

I will try to get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

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I disagree. I downloaded the .bat file and it will not run.

I get "Windows cannot find 'd:\mbam\RunThis.bat'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again. If I go to a standard command prompt (as it wont allow me to an admin one) I can run "fixtool.exe /quarantine -restore all"

It does alot of disk activity, but system is still cobbled all up.

I cannot run second part, the rules.exe as it says "ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2. The system cannot find the file specified"

still cannot install anything, and do not want to reboot...too afraid...


Hello Stealth111,

Do you have Protection Module still enabled? Did you boot into Safe mode? What OS are you using?

Thank you.

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We have done both the mbam fix and the mbam check. this directed us to the location of the quarantine files in c:\programdata dir and we can confirm the files are all still in the quarantine. (MB reporting 144 quarantined files, quarantine directory showing 288) - each file has a QUAR and DATA file.

The question is how can we restore these correctly?

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sorry yeah i posted that before i saw your reply, thx very much for your help, i appreciate it. i'm tyring to get back up before work tomorrow.

mbam-check result log version:

Malwarebytes Version: REG_SZ

Date Log Created: 04/15/13

Time Log Created: 21:49:52

User Account type: Administrator

64 bit Operating System

Product Name: REG_SZ Windows 7 Professional

Current Build Number: 7601

Current Version Number: 6.1

Current CSDVersion: Service Pack 1

Proxy Status: No proxy is Set

Proxy Override:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\

ProxyOverride REG_SZ *.local

LAN Settings:


only 'Automatically detect settings' is selected




SystemPartition REG_SZ \Device\HarddiskVolume3

Balloon Tips Status:



Time Format Settings:


Should be:

h:mm:ss tt





REG_SZ h:mm:ss tt




Language and Regional Settings:


ACP: Language is English (United States)

MACCP: Language is English (United States)

OEMCP: Language is English (United States)

Startup Folders for Error_Expanding_Variables Check:


All Users Startup Folder Exists.

Current User's Startup Folder Exists.

Terminal Services Status for (null) entries in PM logs and GetUserToken errors:




Type : 32

State : 1 (The service is not running.) (State is stopped)

WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 1077




TermService Start is set to: 4 (Disabled) <-- TERMSERVICE SHOULD NOT BE DISABLED

Compatibility Flag Settings (Any MBAM file listings should be removed):


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\appCompatFlags\Layers

SIGN.IE=0B1C4EC bxlabp06272011.exeREG_SZ WINXPSP2

SIGN.IE=054778 pfm0212.exe REG_SZ WINXPSP2

SIGN.IE=0B1C4EC bxlabp06272011 (1).exeREG_SZ WINXPSP2


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\appCompatFlags\Layers

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXEREG_SZ # WINXPSP2 RUNASADMIN

C:\Program Files (x86)\Thomson Financial\Thomson ONE\ThomsonONE.exeREG_SZ ELEVATECREATEPROCESS

C:\blp\Wintrv\wintrv.exe REG_DWORD 0

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Shell Extension Block Check:


MBAM Startup Entries:






Service and Driver Status:




Type : 2

State : 4 (The service is running.) (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN)







Type : 16

State : 4 (The service is running.)







Type : 16

State : 4 (The service is running.)






MBAMProtector Registry Values:





ErrorControl REG_DWORD 1

ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mbam.sys

Group REG_SZ FSFilter Anti-Virus

DependOnService REG_MULTI_SZ FltMgr



DefaultInstance REG_SZ MBAMProtector Instance

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MBAMProtector\Instances\MBAMProtector Instance

Altitude REG_SZ 328800





NextInstance REG_DWORD 1

MBAMService Registry Values:





ErrorControl REG_DWORD 1

ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ "F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe"

DependOnService REG_MULTI_SZ MBAMProtector


ObjectName REG_SZ LocalSystem

Description REG_SZ Malwarebytes Anti-Malware service

DelayedAutostart REG_DWORD 0

MBAMScheduler Registry Values:





ErrorControl REG_DWORD 1

ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ "F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamscheduler.exe"


ObjectName REG_SZ LocalSystem

Description REG_SZ Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scheduler

MBAM DLL's and Runtime Files:



(Default): REG_SZ vbAccelerator Grid Control


(Default): REG_SZ {C5DA1F2B-B2BF-4DFC-BC9A-439133543A67}


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.GSubclass


(Default): REG_SZ {71A27032-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.CTimer


(Default): REG_SZ {71A27034-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.ISubclass


(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702F-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.ISubclass

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{71A2702F-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}\Implemented Categories

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{71A2702F-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}\Implemented Categories\{40FC6ED5-2438-11CF-A3DB-080036F12502}


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.ISubclass



(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}


(Default): REG_SZ 1.0


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.GSubclass

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{71A27032-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}\Implemented Categories

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{71A27032-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}\Implemented Categories\{40FC6ED5-2438-11CF-A3DB-080036F12502}


(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\ssubtmr6.dll

ThreadingModel REG_SZ Apartment


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.GSubclass



(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}


(Default): REG_SZ 1.0


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.CTimer

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{71A27034-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}\Implemented Categories

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{71A27034-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}\Implemented Categories\{40FC6ED5-2438-11CF-A3DB-080036F12502}


(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\ssubtmr6.dll

ThreadingModel REG_SZ Apartment


(Default): REG_SZ SSubTimer6.CTimer



(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}


(Default): REG_SZ 1.0



(Default): REG_SZ vbAccelerator VB6 SGrid Control 2.0



(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\vbalsgrid6.ocx


(Default): REG_SZ 2


(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware



(Default): REG_SZ vbAccelerator VB6 SGrid Control 2.0



(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\vbalsgrid6.ocx


(Default): REG_SZ 2


(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware



(Default): REG_SZ vbAccelerator VB6 Subclassing and Timer Assistant (with configurable message response, multi-control support + timer bug fix)



(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\ssubtmr6.dll


(Default): REG_SZ 0


(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware



(Default): REG_SZ vbAccelerator VB6 Subclassing and Timer Assistant (with configurable message response, multi-control support + timer bug fix)



(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\ssubtmr6.dll


(Default): REG_SZ 0


(Default): REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware


(Default): REG_SZ _ISubclass


(Default): REG_SZ {00020424-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}

Version REG_SZ 1.0


(Default): REG_SZ ISubclass


(Default): REG_SZ {00020424-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {00020424-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}

Version REG_SZ 1.0


(Default): REG_SZ __CTimer


(Default): REG_SZ {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}

Version REG_SZ 1.0


(Default): REG_SZ CTimer


(Default): REG_SZ {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {71A2702D-C7D8-11D2-BEF8-525400DFB47A}

Version REG_SZ 1.0


(Default): REG_SZ __vbalGrid


(Default): REG_SZ {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {DE8CE233-DD83-481D-844C-C07B96589D3A}

Version REG_SZ 1.1


(Default): REG_SZ vbalGrid


(Default): REG_SZ {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}


(Default): REG_SZ {DE8CE233-DD83-481D-844C-C07B96589D3A}

Version REG_SZ 1.1

MBAM Registry Settings and License Info:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

InstallPath REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Affiliate REG_SZ https://store.malwarebytes.org/342/?affiliate=1879&cart=29945&scope=checkout

dbversion REG_SZ v2013.04.04.07

programversion REG_SZ

dbdate REG_SZ Thu, 04 Apr 2013 18:41:20 GMT

hidereg REG_DWORD 0

startipdisabled REG_DWORD 0

useproxy REG_DWORD 0

useauthentication REG_DWORD 0

advancedheuristics REG_DWORD 1

detectpup REG_DWORD 2

detectpum REG_DWORD 1

detectp2p REG_DWORD 0

updatewarn REG_DWORD 1

updatewarndays REG_DWORD 2

downloadprogram REG_DWORD 1

notifyinstallprogram REG_DWORD 1

trialended REG_DWORD 0

ID XXXXX-XXXXX This is hidden data.

Key XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX This is hidden data.

contextmenu REG_DWORD 0

reportthreats REG_DWORD 1

silentipmode REG_DWORD 0

trialpromptshown REG_DWORD 1

startwithwindows REG_DWORD 1

startfsdisabled REG_DWORD 0

autoquarantine REG_DWORD 1

autoquarantinenotify REG_DWORD 0

programbuild REG_SZ consumer

SchedulerQueue REG_MULTI_SZ 1052674, 30272196, 801897984, 1, 0 | 30292522, 3619884860

alwaysscanarchives REG_DWORD 1

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\UUID

There is data here but it is hidden.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\UUID

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Trial)

TrialId There is data here but it is hidden.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

language REG_SZ english.lng

selectedrives REG_SZ C:\|F:\|Z:\|

terminateie REG_DWORD 1

autosavelog REG_DWORD 1

openlog REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanmemory REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanregistry REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanfiles REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanheuristics REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanstartups REG_DWORD 1

defaultscan REG_DWORD 1

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

alwaysscanfiles REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanheuristics REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanmemory REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanregistry REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanstartups REG_DWORD 1

autosavelog REG_DWORD 1

openlog REG_DWORD 1

contextmenu REG_DWORD 1

defaultscan REG_DWORD 0

reportthreats REG_DWORD 1

terminateie REG_DWORD 0

startwithwindows REG_DWORD 1

startfsdisabled REG_DWORD 0

silentipmode REG_DWORD 0

trialpromptshown REG_DWORD 0

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

alwaysscanfiles REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanheuristics REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanmemory REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanregistry REG_DWORD 1

alwaysscanstartups REG_DWORD 1

autosavelog REG_DWORD 1

openlog REG_DWORD 1

contextmenu REG_DWORD 1

defaultscan REG_DWORD 0

reportthreats REG_DWORD 1

terminateie REG_DWORD 0

startwithwindows REG_DWORD 1

startfsdisabled REG_DWORD 0

silentipmode REG_DWORD 0

trialpromptshown REG_DWORD 0

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware_is1

Inno Setup: Setup Version REG_SZ 5.5.3-dev (a)

Inno Setup: App Path REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

InstallLocation REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\

Inno Setup: Icon Group REG_SZ Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Inno Setup: User REG_SZ David T Lu

Inno Setup: Selected Tasks REG_SZ desktopicon

Inno Setup: Deselected Tasks REG_SZ quicklaunchicon

Inno Setup: Language REG_SZ English

DisplayName REG_SZ Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version

DisplayIcon REG_SZ F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.exe

UninstallString REG_SZ "F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\unins000.exe"

QuietUninstallString REG_SZ "F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\unins000.exe" /SILENT

DisplayVersion REG_SZ

Publisher REG_SZ Malwarebytes Corporation

URLInfoAbout REG_SZ http://www.malwarebytes.org

NoModify REG_DWORD 1

NoRepair REG_DWORD 1

InstallDate REG_SZ 20130415

MajorVersion REG_DWORD 1

MinorVersion REG_DWORD 75

EstimatedSize REG_DWORD 19743

Pending File Rename Operations:


If any Malwarebytes Anti-Malware items are listed below, the user must reboot to complete a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware upgrade installation.

Scheduler Queue:


Scheduled Item: Update Schedule Options: | Hourly | Silent

Start Time: 2013-01-04 21:41 Repeating Every: 1 Recover if missed by: 0

Context Menu Entries:



(Default): REG_SZ MBAMShlExt Class


(Default): REG_SZ MBAMShlExt Class

MBAM Drivers:


C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mbam.sys File Size: 25928 BYTES FileVersion:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers\mbamswissarmy.sys File Size: 38224 BYTES FileVersion:

Required Dependencies:




Type : 32

State : 1 (The service is not running.) (State is stopped)

WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 1077





DisplayName REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\bfe.dll,-1001

Group REG_SZ NetworkProvider

ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ %systemroot%\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork

Description REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\bfe.dll,-1002

ObjectName REG_SZ NT AUTHORITY\LocalService

ErrorControl REG_DWORD 1



DependOnService REG_MULTI_SZ RpcSs

ServiceSidType REG_DWORD 3

RequiredPrivileges REG_MULTI_SZ SeAuditPrivilege

FailureActions REG_BINARY Binary Data


ServiceDll REG_EXPAND_SZ %SystemRoot%\System32\bfe.dll

ServiceDllUnloadOnStop REG_DWORD 1

ServiceMain REG_SZ BfeServiceMain



Type : 2

State : 4 (The service is running.) (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN)






AttachWhenLoaded REG_DWORD 1

DisplayName REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys,-10001

Group REG_SZ FSFilter Infrastructure

ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys

Description REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys,-10000

ErrorControl REG_DWORD 3







NextInstance REG_DWORD 1

C:\Windows\system32\drivers\fltmgr.sys File Size: 289664 BYTES FileVersion: 6.1.7601.17514

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mscomctl.ocx File Size: 1070152 BYTES FileVersion:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\olepro32.dll File Size: 90112 BYTES FileVersion: 6.1.7601.17514

List of MBAM Related Directories:


F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

7z.dll File Size: 914432 BYTES FileVersion:

changes.rtf File Size: 785 BYTES

changes.txt File Size: 200 BYTES

license.rtf File Size: 17916 BYTES

license.txt File Size: 11141 BYTES

mbam.chm File Size: 474148 BYTES

mbam.dll File Size: 527944 BYTES FileVersion:

mbam.exe File Size: 887432 BYTES FileVersion:

mbamcore.dll File Size: 1127496 BYTES FileVersion:

mbamext.dll File Size: 93544 BYTES FileVersion:

mbamgui.exe File Size: 532040 BYTES FileVersion:

mbamnet.dll File Size: 2191944 BYTES FileVersion:

mbampt.exe File Size: 40008 BYTES FileVersion:

mbamscheduler.exe File Size: 418376 BYTES FileVersion:

mbamservice.exe File Size: 701512 BYTES FileVersion:

ssubtmr6.dll File Size: 46416 BYTES FileVersion:

unins000.dat File Size: 98861 BYTES

unins000.exe File Size: 712264 BYTES FileVersion:

unins000.msg File Size: 11277 BYTES

vbalsgrid6.ocx File Size: 496976 BYTES FileVersion:

F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Chameleon

chameleon.chm File Size: 186068 BYTES

firefox.com File Size: 218184 BYTES

firefox.exe File Size: 218184 BYTES

firefox.pif File Size: 218184 BYTES

firefox.scr File Size: 218184 BYTES

iexplore.exe File Size: 218184 BYTES

mbam-chameleon.com File Size: 218184 BYTES

mbam-chameleon.exe File Size: 218184 BYTES

mbam-chameleon.pif File Size: 218184 BYTES

mbam-chameleon.scr File Size: 218184 BYTES

mbam-killer.exe File Size: 984648 BYTES FileVersion:

rundll32.exe File Size: 218184 BYTES

svchost.exe File Size: 218184 BYTES

winlogon.exe File Size: 218184 BYTES

F:\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Languages

arabic.lng File Size: 21894 BYTES

belarusian.lng File Size: 26884 BYTES

bosnian.lng File Size: 27108 BYTES

bulgarian.lng File Size: 27574 BYTES

catalan.lng File Size: 28252 BYTES

chineseSI.lng File Size: 11024 BYTES

chineseTR.lng File Size: 11952 BYTES

croatian.lng File Size: 26670 BYTES

czech.lng File Size: 24874 BYTES

danish.lng File Size: 26582 BYTES

dutch.lng File Size: 28342 BYTES

english.lng File Size: 24542 BYTES

estonian.lng File Size: 25146 BYTES

finnish.lng File Size: 25950 BYTES

french.lng File Size: 29830 BYTES

german.lng File Size: 29894 BYTES

greek.lng File Size: 29300 BYTES

hebrew.lng File Size: 19362 BYTES

hungarian.lng File Size: 28666 BYTES

indonesian.lng File Size: 26854 BYTES

italian.lng File Size: 28194 BYTES

japanese.lng File Size: 16266 BYTES

korean.lng File Size: 14188 BYTES

latvian.lng File Size: 27100 BYTES

lithuanian.lng File Size: 27838 BYTES

macedonian.lng File Size: 28864 BYTES

norwegian.lng File Size: 25116 BYTES

polish.lng File Size: 26644 BYTES

portugueseBR.lng File Size: 28654 BYTES

portuguesePT.lng File Size: 29062 BYTES

romanian.lng File Size: 28290 BYTES

russian.lng File Size: 27302 BYTES

serbian.lng File Size: 26804 BYTES

slovak.lng File Size: 25644 BYTES

slovenian.lng File Size: 24852 BYTES

spanish.lng File Size: 30060 BYTES

swedish.lng File Size: 25992 BYTES

thai.lng File Size: 26092 BYTES

turkish.lng File Size: 25876 BYTES

vietnamese.lng File Size: 29528 BYTES

C:\Users\David T Lu\AppData\Roaming\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

C:\Users\David T Lu\AppData\Roaming\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs

mbam-log-2012-01-03 (19-18-09).txt File Size: 1936 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-01-06 (15-34-27).txt File Size: 1936 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-01-18 (10-29-52).txt File Size: 1940 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-01-24 (00-53-43).txt File Size: 1924 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-02-23 (11-19-23).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-02-24 (00-25-23).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-02-28 (00-36-35).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-02-29 (00-09-18).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-01 (00-12-02).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-02 (00-35-35).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-04 (22-53-55).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-06 (00-11-05).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-07 (00-36-43).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-08 (00-22-50).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-09 (00-12-48).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-10 (00-21-58).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-11 (00-35-55).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-12 (01-28-23).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-13 (00-10-14).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-14 (00-27-27).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-15 (00-36-30).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-16 (00-27-52).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-17 (00-22-37).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-18 (00-37-38).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-19 (00-22-10).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-20 (00-35-55).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-21 (00-23-27).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-22 (00-25-18).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-23 (00-08-49).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-24 (00-34-36).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-25 (00-32-38).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-26 (00-21-03).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-27 (00-12-37).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-28 (00-25-14).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-29 (00-32-30).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-30 (00-31-26).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-03-31 (00-30-49).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-01 (00-17-55).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-02 (00-12-23).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-03 (00-30-07).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-04 (00-26-03).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-05 (00-10-28).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-06 (00-32-03).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-07 (00-37-18).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-08 (00-22-04).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-09 (00-18-55).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-09 (01-21-21).txt File Size: 1932 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-10 (00-09-16).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-11 (00-37-43).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-12 (00-17-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-13 (00-19-17).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-14 (00-16-58).txt File Size: 1934 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-15 (00-09-06).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-16 (00-20-42).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-17 (00-11-35).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-18 (00-29-19).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-19 (00-26-54).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-20 (00-18-26).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-21 (00-27-06).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-22 (00-29-12).txt File Size: 1936 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-23 (00-38-07).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-24 (00-19-15).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-25 (00-35-43).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-26 (00-11-49).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-27 (00-25-55).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-28 (00-28-16).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-29 (00-28-55).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-04-30 (00-29-04).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-01 (00-27-07).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-02 (00-35-12).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-03 (00-14-42).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-04 (00-27-43).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-05 (00-13-41).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-06 (00-27-45).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-07 (00-18-52).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-08 (00-36-20).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-09 (00-17-14).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-10 (00-31-02).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-11 (00-37-31).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-12 (00-10-14).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-13 (00-09-27).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-14 (00-26-18).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-15 (00-34-08).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-16 (00-30-35).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-17 (00-10-35).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-18 (00-28-15).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-19 (00-35-35).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-20 (00-34-01).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-21 (00-27-20).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-22 (00-09-40).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-23 (00-15-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-24 (00-09-07).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-25 (00-12-01).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-26 (00-31-24).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-27 (00-22-26).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-28 (00-32-52).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-29 (00-09-45).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-30 (00-17-17).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-05-31 (00-27-42).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-01 (00-15-35).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-02 (00-19-07).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-03 (00-25-28).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-04 (00-09-25).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-05 (00-22-34).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-06 (00-20-02).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-07 (00-17-09).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-08 (00-19-32).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-09 (00-23-21).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-10 (00-29-58).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-11 (00-10-40).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-12 (00-14-00).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-13 (00-19-23).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-14 (00-20-54).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-15 (00-56-34).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-16 (00-10-14).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-17 (00-24-23).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-18 (00-29-39).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-19 (00-38-02).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-20 (00-08-53).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-21 (00-27-39).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-22 (00-28-07).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-23 (00-26-19).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-24 (00-15-21).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-25 (00-27-57).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-26 (00-12-01).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-27 (00-38-04).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-28 (00-11-14).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-29 (00-22-45).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-06-30 (00-36-32).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-01 (00-28-33).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-02 (00-31-48).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-03 (00-35-24).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-05 (00-19-16).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-06 (00-15-27).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-07 (00-35-59).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-08 (00-11-25).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-09 (00-15-57).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-10 (00-14-52).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (00-33-08).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (09-05-33).txt File Size: 1952 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (09-14-48).txt File Size: 1952 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (09-17-28).txt File Size: 1950 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-10-28).txt File Size: 1922 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-11-00).txt File Size: 1934 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-12-36).txt File Size: 1928 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-13-01).txt File Size: 1928 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-14-00).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-15-22).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-16-34).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-17-52).txt File Size: 2154 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-11 (10-38-27).txt File Size: 1936 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-12 (00-36-51).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-13 (00-34-36).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-14 (00-35-03).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-15 (00-34-03).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-16 (00-27-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-17 (00-31-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-18 (00-25-45).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-19 (00-30-08).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-20 (00-13-31).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-21 (00-26-06).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-22 (00-19-26).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-23 (00-28-11).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-24 (00-30-58).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-25 (00-28-39).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-26 (00-11-04).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-27 (00-26-57).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-28 (00-31-41).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-29 (00-13-32).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-30 (00-17-11).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-07-31 (00-08-48).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-01 (00-11-00).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-02 (00-27-56).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-03 (00-09-37).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-04 (00-14-54).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-05 (00-12-50).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-06 (00-15-08).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-07 (00-18-45).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-08 (00-13-40).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-09 (00-14-55).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-10 (00-12-55).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-11 (00-10-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-12 (00-30-23).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-13 (00-11-27).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-14 (00-28-02).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-15 (00-17-45).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-16 (00-09-28).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-17 (00-08-56).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-18 (00-18-33).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-19 (00-14-13).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-20 (00-35-00).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-21 (00-30-15).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-22 (00-19-05).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-23 (00-14-06).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-24 (00-24-11).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-25 (00-13-36).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-26 (00-27-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-27 (00-10-57).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-28 (00-25-05).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-29 (00-13-02).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-29 (21-41-15).txt File Size: 1946 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-30 (00-09-47).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-08-31 (00-22-00).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-01 (00-34-20).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-02 (00-14-04).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-03 (00-14-51).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-04 (00-19-09).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-05 (00-33-37).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-06 (00-28-11).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-06 (17-11-24).txt File Size: 1960 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-07 (00-28-12).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-08 (00-34-56).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-09 (00-29-57).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-10 (00-35-01).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-11 (00-20-12).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-11 (12-08-22).txt File Size: 1964 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-11 (12-37-50).txt File Size: 1950 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-12 (00-25-26).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-13 (00-11-26).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-14 (00-23-50).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-15 (00-29-10).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-16 (00-26-12).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-17 (00-37-33).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-18 (00-33-56).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-19 (00-19-20).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-20 (00-25-46).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-21 (00-12-40).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-22 (00-32-40).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-23 (00-34-42).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-24 (00-36-10).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-25 (00-34-18).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-26 (00-09-09).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-27 (00-11-08).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-28 (00-13-53).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-29 (00-27-02).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-09-30 (00-31-56).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-01 (00-30-41).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-02 (00-16-11).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-03 (00-19-43).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-04 (00-32-25).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-05 (00-17-31).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-06 (00-24-45).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-07 (00-35-16).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-08 (00-29-56).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-09 (00-18-44).txt File Size: 2004 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-10 (00-10-30).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-11 (00-36-28).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-12 (00-26-00).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-13 (00-12-48).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-14 (00-25-59).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-15 (00-37-24).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-16 (00-27-43).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-17 (00-30-17).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-17 (13-02-49).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-17 (16-27-14).txt File Size: 1986 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-17 (16-27-31).txt File Size: 1988 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-17 (16-28-03).txt File Size: 2020 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-18 (00-20-17).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-19 (00-27-23).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-19 (11-23-25).txt File Size: 1946 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-19 (11-23-41).txt File Size: 1936 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-19 (11-25-02).txt File Size: 1960 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-19 (11-59-00).txt File Size: 1960 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-20 (00-28-16).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-21 (00-14-14).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-22 (00-10-15).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-23 (00-37-13).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-24 (00-36-21).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-25 (00-26-10).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-26 (00-28-44).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-26 (13-44-10).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-26 (13-45-50).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-10-26 (14-15-52).txt File Size: 1958 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-06 (00-23-18).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-07 (00-25-43).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-08 (00-21-53).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-09 (00-34-13).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-10 (00-35-55).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-11 (00-26-12).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-12 (00-11-40).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-13 (00-12-19).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-14 (00-19-15).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-15 (00-37-15).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-16 (00-09-35).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-17 (00-18-38).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-18 (00-12-32).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-19 (00-13-38).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-20 (00-30-52).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-21 (00-10-15).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-22 (00-11-15).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-23 (00-25-16).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-24 (00-35-46).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-25 (00-34-22).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-26 (00-29-01).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-27 (00-24-53).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-28 (00-21-55).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-29 (00-17-37).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-11-30 (00-11-51).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-01 (00-29-25).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-02 (00-17-15).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-03 (00-26-25).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-04 (00-15-16).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-05 (00-28-41).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-06 (00-24-48).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-07 (00-23-40).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-08 (00-29-10).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-09 (00-30-56).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-10 (00-19-21).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-11 (00-14-16).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-12 (00-17-27).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-13 (00-27-35).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-14 (00-28-33).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-15 (00-38-00).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-16 (00-08-30).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-17 (00-09-09).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-18 (00-13-57).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-19 (00-14-06).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-20 (00-28-53).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-21 (00-22-05).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-22 (00-25-24).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-23 (00-35-25).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-24 (00-12-06).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-25 (00-21-10).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-26 (00-19-09).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-27 (00-31-51).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-28 (00-22-40).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-28 (14-13-12).txt File Size: 1936 BYTES

mbam-log-2012-12-29 (00-15-49).txt File Size: 1912 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-04 (08-37-09).txt File Size: 1980 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-13 (10-56-34).txt File Size: 1986 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-13 (13-41-09).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-13 (15-06-07).txt File Size: 1906 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-13 (18-32-08).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-13 (22-07-08).txt File Size: 1910 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-14 (01-32-15).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-14 (07-47-07).txt File Size: 1908 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-14 (08-57-07).txt File Size: 1906 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-17 (09-49-53).txt File Size: 1986 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-21 (13-51-23).txt File Size: 1984 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-01-24 (20-47-07).txt File Size: 1986 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-02-21 (17-16-40).txt File Size: 1986 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-02-23 (03-29-53).txt File Size: 1984 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-04-09 (21-10-21).txt File Size: 1986 BYTES

mbam-log-2013-04-15 (21-08-37).txt File Size: 1956 BYTES

C:\Users\David T Lu\AppData\Roaming\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Quarantine

C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

exclusions.dat File Size: 2 BYTES

link.txt File Size: 115 BYTES

mbam-setup.exe File Size: 10285040 BYTES FileVersion:

news.txt File Size: 78 BYTES

rules.ref File Size: 6302342 BYTES

C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Configuration

build.conf File Size: 140 BYTES

config.conf File Size: 4076 BYTES

custom.conf File Size: 20 BYTES

database.conf File Size: 432 BYTES

html.conf File Size: 2762 BYTES

local.conf File Size: 1519 BYTES

manifest.conf File Size: 184 BYTES

messaging.conf File Size: 1430 BYTES

news.conf File Size: 379 BYTES

C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs

protection-log-2012-01-03.txt File Size: 1066 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-04.txt File Size: 2080 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-05.txt File Size: 3374 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-06.txt File Size: 2568 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-08.txt File Size: 2276 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-09.txt File Size: 1576 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-10.txt File Size: 1826 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-11.txt File Size: 1576 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-12.txt File Size: 1576 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-13.txt File Size: 2584 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-16.txt File Size: 2276 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-17.txt File Size: 3626 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-19.txt File Size: 2496 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-20.txt File Size: 6712 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-22.txt File Size: 700 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-23.txt File Size: 5004 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-24.txt File Size: 3492 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-25.txt File Size: 10376 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-26.txt File Size: 1992 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-27.txt File Size: 252 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-29.txt File Size: 700 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-30.txt File Size: 9026 BYTES

protection-log-2012-01-31.txt File Size: 250 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-04.txt File Size: 250 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-07.txt File Size: 756 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-08.txt File Size: 1576 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-13.txt File Size: 504 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-14.txt File Size: 700 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-15.txt File Size: 452632 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-16.txt File Size: 1576 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-17.txt File Size: 700 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-20.txt File Size: 2276 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-21.txt File Size: 1066 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-23.txt File Size: 3594 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-24.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-27.txt File Size: 700 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-28.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-02-29.txt File Size: 3418 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-01.txt File Size: 3418 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-02.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-04.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-05.txt File Size: 3892 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-06.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-07.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-08.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-09.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-10.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-11.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-12.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-13.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-14.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-15.txt File Size: 2272 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-16.txt File Size: 2270 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-17.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-18.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-19.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-20.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-21.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-22.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-23.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-24.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-25.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-26.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-27.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-28.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-29.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-30.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-03-31.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-01.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-02.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-03.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-04.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-05.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-06.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-07.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-08.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-09.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-10.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-11.txt File Size: 12050 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-12.txt File Size: 4068 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-13.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-14.txt File Size: 2268 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-15.txt File Size: 2270 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-16.txt File Size: 4688 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-17.txt File Size: 3002 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-18.txt File Size: 3768 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-19.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-20.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-21.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-22.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-23.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-24.txt File Size: 3778 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-25.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-26.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-27.txt File Size: 3010 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-28.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-29.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-04-30.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-01.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-02.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-03.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-04.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-05.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-06.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-07.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-08.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-09.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-10.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-11.txt File Size: 2264 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-12.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-13.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-14.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-15.txt File Size: 2268 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-16.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-17.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-18.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-19.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-20.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-21.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-22.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-23.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-24.txt File Size: 2522 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-25.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-26.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-27.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-28.txt File Size: 5058 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-29.txt File Size: 2274 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-30.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-05-31.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-01.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-02.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-03.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-04.txt File Size: 4034 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-05.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-06.txt File Size: 3418 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-07.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-08.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-09.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-10.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-11.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-12.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-13.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-14.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-15.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-16.txt File Size: 2268 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-17.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-18.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-19.txt File Size: 2518 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-20.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-21.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-22.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-23.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-24.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-25.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-26.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-27.txt File Size: 3034 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-28.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-29.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-06-30.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-01.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-02.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-03.txt File Size: 2526 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-04.txt File Size: 2014 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-05.txt File Size: 6844 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-06.txt File Size: 3418 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-07.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-08.txt File Size: 3418 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-09.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-10.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-11.txt File Size: 15800 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-12.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-13.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-14.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-15.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-16.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-17.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-18.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-19.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-20.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-21.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-22.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-23.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-24.txt File Size: 3418 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-25.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-26.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-27.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-28.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-29.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-30.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-07-31.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-01.txt File Size: 2520 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-02.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-03.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-04.txt File Size: 2264 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-05.txt File Size: 3258 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-06.txt File Size: 2780 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-07.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-08.txt File Size: 2776 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-09.txt File Size: 4118 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-10.txt File Size: 2518 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-11.txt File Size: 2264 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-12.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-13.txt File Size: 2514 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-14.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-15.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-16.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-17.txt File Size: 8110 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-18.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-19.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-20.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-21.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-22.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-23.txt File Size: 2264 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-24.txt File Size: 2272 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-25.txt File Size: 3782 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-26.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-27.txt File Size: 2718 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-28.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-29.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-30.txt File Size: 2272 BYTES

protection-log-2012-08-31.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-01.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-02.txt File Size: 4790 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-03.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-04.txt File Size: 2270 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-05.txt File Size: 4286 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-06.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-07.txt File Size: 2278 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-08.txt File Size: 4282 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-09.txt File Size: 17398 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-10.txt File Size: 2018 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-11.txt File Size: 3444 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-12.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-13.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-14.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-15.txt File Size: 2296 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-16.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-17.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-18.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-19.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-20.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-21.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-22.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-23.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-24.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-25.txt File Size: 3284 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-26.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-27.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-28.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-29.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-09-30.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-01.txt File Size: 2292 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-02.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-03.txt File Size: 2800 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-04.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-05.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-06.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-07.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-08.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-09.txt File Size: 1460 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-10.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-11.txt File Size: 7476 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-12.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-13.txt File Size: 2290 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-14.txt File Size: 2548 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-15.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-16.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-17.txt File Size: 3362 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-18.txt File Size: 4552 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-19.txt File Size: 3958 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-20.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-21.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-22.txt File Size: 3304 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-23.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-24.txt File Size: 3580 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-25.txt File Size: 3444 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-26.txt File Size: 5956 BYTES

protection-log-2012-10-27.txt File Size: 2712 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-01.txt File Size: 1152 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-05.txt File Size: 3666 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-06.txt File Size: 5600 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-07.txt File Size: 3244 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-08.txt File Size: 8090 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-09.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-10.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-11.txt File Size: 3444 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-12.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-13.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-14.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-15.txt File Size: 2290 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-16.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-17.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-18.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-19.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-20.txt File Size: 2294 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-21.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-22.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-23.txt File Size: 3794 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-24.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-25.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-26.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-27.txt File Size: 2290 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-28.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-29.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-11-30.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-01.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-02.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-03.txt File Size: 3274 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-04.txt File Size: 2800 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-05.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-06.txt File Size: 2544 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-07.txt File Size: 2552 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-08.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-09.txt File Size: 14140 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-10.txt File Size: 2556 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-11.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-12.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-13.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-14.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-15.txt File Size: 4144 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-16.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-17.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-18.txt File Size: 2546 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-19.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-20.txt File Size: 2744 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-21.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-22.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-23.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-24.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-25.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-26.txt File Size: 5904 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-27.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-28.txt File Size: 3258 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-29.txt File Size: 2044 BYTES

protection-log-2012-12-30.txt File Size: 216 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-02.txt File Size: 1322 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-03.txt File Size: 752 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-04.txt File Size: 2136 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-07.txt File Size: 23502 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-08.txt File Size: 22410 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-09.txt File Size: 20424 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-10.txt File Size: 26324 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-11.txt File Size: 21870 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-12.txt File Size: 17916 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-13.txt File Size: 79852 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-14.txt File Size: 60194 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-15.txt File Size: 26812 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-16.txt File Size: 19398 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-17.txt File Size: 22422 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-18.txt File Size: 26392 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-19.txt File Size: 21872 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-20.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-21.txt File Size: 20512 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-22.txt File Size: 24594 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-23.txt File Size: 22126 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-24.txt File Size: 18164 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-25.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-26.txt File Size: 24600 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-27.txt File Size: 20916 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-28.txt File Size: 23352 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-29.txt File Size: 19152 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-30.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-01-31.txt File Size: 21888 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-01.txt File Size: 22860 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-02.txt File Size: 19404 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-03.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-04.txt File Size: 21624 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-05.txt File Size: 23110 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-06.txt File Size: 24110 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-07.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-08.txt File Size: 17916 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-09.txt File Size: 22128 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-10.txt File Size: 23110 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-11.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-12.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-13.txt File Size: 21624 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-14.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-15.txt File Size: 20328 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-16.txt File Size: 19502 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-17.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-18.txt File Size: 23636 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-19.txt File Size: 14712 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-20.txt File Size: 20916 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-21.txt File Size: 19400 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-22.txt File Size: 20682 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-23.txt File Size: 763962 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-24.txt File Size: 17916 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-25.txt File Size: 18420 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-26.txt File Size: 19400 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-27.txt File Size: 24594 BYTES

protection-log-2013-02-28.txt File Size: 22886 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-01.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-02.txt File Size: 21624 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-03.txt File Size: 22860 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-04.txt File Size: 21876 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-05.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-06.txt File Size: 24096 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-07.txt File Size: 24350 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-08.txt File Size: 24096 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-09.txt File Size: 19152 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-10.txt File Size: 19972 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-11.txt File Size: 22850 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-12.txt File Size: 23864 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-13.txt File Size: 23412 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-14.txt File Size: 25868 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-15.txt File Size: 28392 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-16.txt File Size: 21874 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-17.txt File Size: 27064 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-18.txt File Size: 24096 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-19.txt File Size: 22544 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-20.txt File Size: 23300 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-21.txt File Size: 24636 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-22.txt File Size: 26838 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-23.txt File Size: 19404 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-24.txt File Size: 23374 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-25.txt File Size: 23146 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-26.txt File Size: 24852 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-27.txt File Size: 25598 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-28.txt File Size: 22160 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-29.txt File Size: 21624 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-30.txt File Size: 16680 BYTES

protection-log-2013-03-31.txt File Size: 16680 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-01.txt File Size: 18428 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-02.txt File Size: 36468 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-03.txt File Size: 19152 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-04.txt File Size: 23888 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-05.txt File Size: 21624 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-06.txt File Size: 18458 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-07.txt File Size: 20388 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-08.txt File Size: 22136 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-09.txt File Size: 24682 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-10.txt File Size: 22860 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-11.txt File Size: 21624 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-12.txt File Size: 24120 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-13.txt File Size: 19190 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-14.txt File Size: 19152 BYTES

protection-log-2013-04-15.txt File Size: 123946 BYTES

C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Quarantine

0074837225.data File Size: 706 BYTES

0074837225.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

0130479691.data File Size: 676 BYTES

0130479691.quar File Size: 194048 BYTES

0396932375.data File Size: 678 BYTES

0396932375.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

0645644753.data File Size: 718 BYTES

0645644753.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

0762919931.data File Size: 678 BYTES

0762919931.quar File Size: 81920 BYTES

0811595114.data File Size: 678 BYTES

0811595114.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

0850826705.data File Size: 678 BYTES

0850826705.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

0861474235.data File Size: 678 BYTES

0861474235.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

0890757521.data File Size: 676 BYTES

0890757521.quar File Size: 194048 BYTES

1060157792.data File Size: 678 BYTES

1060157792.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

1146960492.data File Size: 679 BYTES

1146960492.quar File Size: 216576 BYTES

1202198632.data File Size: 771 BYTES

1202198632.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

1237872098.data File Size: 771 BYTES

1237872098.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

1286098912.data File Size: 678 BYTES

1286098912.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

1291625522.data File Size: 771 BYTES

1291625522.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

1293449342.data File Size: 678 BYTES

1293449342.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

1439669716.data File Size: 685 BYTES

1439669716.quar File Size: 887432 BYTES

1476748023.data File Size: 678 BYTES

1476748023.quar File Size: 81920 BYTES

1538696129.data File Size: 678 BYTES

1538696129.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

1795773115.data File Size: 718 BYTES

1795773115.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

1858757283.data File Size: 706 BYTES

1858757283.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

1866420764.data File Size: 771 BYTES

1866420764.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

1930920205.data File Size: 678 BYTES

1930920205.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

2176543163.data File Size: 718 BYTES

2176543163.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

2257821649.data File Size: 691 BYTES

2257821649.quar File Size: 496976 BYTES

2372847808.data File Size: 679 BYTES

2372847808.quar File Size: 1386496 BYTES

2694014292.data File Size: 687 BYTES

2694014292.quar File Size: 207872 BYTES

2799658224.data File Size: 678 BYTES

2799658224.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

2802385219.data File Size: 771 BYTES

2802385219.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

2846321632.data File Size: 678 BYTES

2846321632.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

2857455608.data File Size: 686 BYTES

2857455608.quar File Size: 2628608 BYTES

2873716445.data File Size: 762 BYTES

2873716445.quar File Size: 2165760 BYTES

2901848282.data File Size: 679 BYTES

2901848282.quar File Size: 1386496 BYTES

2921854613.data File Size: 679 BYTES

2921854613.quar File Size: 1386496 BYTES

3406827720.data File Size: 678 BYTES

3406827720.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

3668207646.data File Size: 678 BYTES

3668207646.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

3692360074.data File Size: 706 BYTES

3692360074.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

3728982166.data File Size: 718 BYTES

3728982166.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

3732936253.data File Size: 676 BYTES

3732936253.quar File Size: 194048 BYTES

3785521318.data File Size: 686 BYTES

3785521318.quar File Size: 2628608 BYTES

3865731275.data File Size: 678 BYTES

3865731275.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

3892334819.data File Size: 706 BYTES

3892334819.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

3945339797.data File Size: 678 BYTES

3945339797.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

4234550116.data File Size: 678 BYTES

4234550116.quar File Size: 121856 BYTES

4299982555.data File Size: 676 BYTES

4299982555.quar File Size: 717824 BYTES

4349683099.data File Size: 718 BYTES

4349683099.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

4482644591.data File Size: 678 BYTES

4482644591.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

4601970669.data File Size: 678 BYTES

4601970669.quar File Size: 81920 BYTES

4903881417.data File Size: 678 BYTES

4903881417.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

5047278288.data File Size: 678 BYTES

5047278288.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

5055548260.data File Size: 678 BYTES

5055548260.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

5059987746.data File Size: 686 BYTES

5059987746.quar File Size: 2628608 BYTES

5109399347.data File Size: 771 BYTES

5109399347.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

5214279960.data File Size: 706 BYTES

5214279960.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

5411594164.data File Size: 678 BYTES

5411594164.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

5452189230.data File Size: 678 BYTES

5452189230.quar File Size: 121856 BYTES

5722508617.data File Size: 681 BYTES

5722508617.quar File Size: 82944 BYTES

5973878967.data File Size: 771 BYTES

5973878967.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

5998221376.data File Size: 678 BYTES

5998221376.quar File Size: 81920 BYTES

6017715215.data File Size: 678 BYTES

6017715215.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

6097369410.data File Size: 687 BYTES

6097369410.quar File Size: 207872 BYTES

6131359970.data File Size: 771 BYTES

6131359970.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

6132984756.data File Size: 678 BYTES

6132984756.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

6142268659.data File Size: 718 BYTES

6142268659.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

6326037409.data File Size: 676 BYTES

6326037409.quar File Size: 194048 BYTES

6504762617.data File Size: 706 BYTES

6504762617.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

6619902666.data File Size: 678 BYTES

6619902666.quar File Size: 81920 BYTES

7286587223.data File Size: 676 BYTES

7286587223.quar File Size: 717824 BYTES

7350581084.data File Size: 718 BYTES

7350581084.quar File Size: 171392 BYTES

7401110340.data File Size: 678 BYTES

7401110340.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

7449986634.data File Size: 687 BYTES

7449986634.quar File Size: 207872 BYTES

7586558898.data File Size: 762 BYTES

7586558898.quar File Size: 2165760 BYTES

7712487566.data File Size: 678 BYTES

7712487566.quar File Size: 232448 BYTES

7969171409.data File Size: 676 BYTES

7969171409.quar File Size: 194048 BYTES

8030662811.data File Size: 687 BYTES

8030662811.quar File Size: 207872 BYTES

8064574862.data File Size: 686 BYTES

8064574862.quar File Size: 2628608 BYTES

8095057538.data File Size: 706 BYTES

8095057538.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

8102938126.data File Size: 676 BYTES

8102938126.quar File Size: 194048 BYTES

8338543883.data File Size: 678 BYTES

8338543883.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

8394451053.data File Size: 706 BYTES

8394451053.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

8599395598.data File Size: 679 BYTES

8599395598.quar File Size: 216576 BYTES

8769894297.data File Size: 679 BYTES

8769894297.quar File Size: 216576 BYTES

8792809844.data File Size: 706 BYTES

8792809844.quar File Size: 14606552 BYTES

8919284932.data File Size: 771 BYTES

8919284932.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES

8970378886.data File Size: 687 BYTES

8970378886.quar File Size: 207872 BYTES

9018914175.data File Size: 679 BYTES

9018914175.quar File Size: 216576 BYTES

9173842397.data File Size: 679 BYTES

9173842397.quar File Size: 561664 BYTES

9203983600.data File Size: 678 BYTES

9203983600.quar File Size: 96768 BYTES

9451006815.data File Size: 687 BYTES

9451006815.quar File Size: 207872 BYTES

9694219480.data File Size: 678 BYTES

9694219480.quar File Size: 81920 BYTES

9900848747.data File Size: 771 BYTES

9900848747.quar File Size: 2030080 BYTES



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  • Staff

We have done both the mbam fix and the mbam check. this directed us to the location of the quarantine files in c:\programdata dir and we can confirm the files are all still in the quarantine. (MB reporting 144 quarantined files, quarantine directory showing 288) - each file has a QUAR and DATA file.

The question is how can we restore these correctly?

It is likely that those copies are simply duplicates and that the files were already restored. You can verify this by looking at one of the files listed in the Quarantine tab of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and then checking the listed location on your computer to see if the file is still there. If it is, then it's already been restored.
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After you ran the fix tool. It may have copies of files already restored from quarantine. You can manually check the file locations and ensure the quarantined file exists in the directory that it states while in the quarantine tab within Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Thank you.

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Hello Stealth111,

Do you have Protection Module still enabled? Did you boot into Safe mode? What OS are you using?

Thank you.

Windows 7 32 bit. Have not rebooted. mbam has shut itself off and will no longer restart at all. I cannot run any executables, as I get the errors mentioned in my post above. I did run the mbam-check, but it eventually closes and doesn't produce a file. I have about 1000 things in the quarantine folder. I am a bit worried to try to get into a safe mode, as at that point, there is NO return. At leats here in windows, I seem to have half a chance.

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