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MBAM Quarintine entire sys32

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Just fired up my laptop(on early'er today) and mbam went nuts with nonstop blocks and quarentine's, all seemed to be system32 folder including mbam stuff(was still going untill I managed to shut down mban), now mbam won't run along with a bunch of other stuff, WTH, bad update or what, how to restore from quarintine if MBAM won't run?.

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I've had this too, it's quarantined a load of system files and now I can't open anything on my computer (Internet explorer, restore centre etc). How can I sort this out so I can actually use my laptop?

reinstall mbam

open mbam


restore all quarantined files

enable protection

this worked for me

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What sting suggested worked for me as well however if you look in the quarantine tab in malware bytes it still shows files as being quarantined even though it appears to have actually been restored. I am not sure if all files have been restored because of this or not though. I didnt reboot or restart my system in anyway so I am not sure if that makes a difference in this method being effective.

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Yeah, I reported that already in my thread. Luckily I have it set to confirm with me before taking action so it only quarantined about 31 files, but it reported well over 500 from the flash scan it ran as soon as the definition was DLd.

New instructions are up in my thread - everyone pleased read this post:


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