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Latest update marking critical system files as Trojan.Downloader.ED


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If they are in your quarantine, then first use MBAM to restore them. Next, use the MBAM fix tool to restore any that it could not. Then I'd check the remaining ones in quarantine manually to make sure they are restored to their proper location.

Finally, I'd reboot.

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Okay running the tool or System Restore I have fixe over 155 pcs now. BUT on 3 critical pcs after running the tool it will boot to normal mode BUT I get tons of errors looking for COMCTL32.dll and I do not have time to start hunting all over to figure this out. Is there an easy fix for it? I still have well over 2100 more PC';s to fix.

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  • 5 months later...

You know I posted something like this problem on the forum ... and I was told that if there was such a Problem with the definitions or the MBAM process then Thousands of people would be affected.


Well, after 2 or 3 restarts and Windows Vista asking me to Fix or resort back to prior "Restore Point" ... I accidnetly pin-pointed to MBAM ... so, I totally unuinstalled it ... and since then NO Problems with my restarts.


Q1: If I just untick Quarantine thingy then would MBAM behave correctly?


Q2: Is the Latest "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Final" OK to install?


Q3: Is the latest Definitoin Update OK?




G! :)

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You do realize that this topic is at least 5 months old, it is normally frowned on to bring back old/dead topics. Yes they did have an issue with a bad update, and because of that there were many things done to prevent it from ever happening again. It did affect quite a bit of folks and being that I am not on the staff I could not tell you how many. Malwarebytes did there best and fixed all reported computers in a timely manner.

That being said....

A1: I do not know what thing you are talking about unchecking

A2: The latest version of Malwarebytes v1.75.0.1300 has no issues, and if you are having issues you can report it and post logs so that it can be corrected as most folks that have issues are either due to a software conflict or an infection on there computer.

A3: There is nothing wrong with the latest definitions...

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