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botnet attack

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Hi, friends.

As you already know, hackers attack recently, via botnet, wordpress users. I was wandering if MBAM ensures protection from this theat and what can we do to secure our systems.

Thank you.

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  • Root Admin

The best place to start is read up and learn more about your computer.

Using a good antivirus along with the PRO version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will certainly help but there is more to it than just running security software as explained in the link here.

Answers to common security questions - Best Practices

If you have further questions please let us know.

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First you have to understand the "threat". This is a case of Wordpress account passwords that are being brute-force attacked by a botnet of 10's of thousands of computers.

As an individual, you are not a target. If you have a Wordpress account then you must make sure that you have a Strong Password such that a Brute Force password attack will not be successful.

The ONLY way Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) can assist with this problem is to help mitigate the possibility that YOUR computer can't become a zombie and be a part of the Botnet. Keep your traditional Anti Virus application up-to-date and use the Pro version of MBAM and the possibility that your PC will become compromised and be a botnet participant will be greatly mitigated.

There are many reports and articles on the subject matter. The following will help you understand the problem and if you have questions, please don't hesitate in asking.

Wordpress under attack again

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Hi, Ron and David.

I do thank you very much for your help. You can easily see that I am not accustomed to face a technical problem like this - actually I hardly understand the meaning of "threat" or "false positive". Therefore I apologize but I need your help and I am grateful for your reply.

I believe the links attached will be helpful for me.

I use MBAM Pro and Avira Internet Security 2013, always updated. Also, occasionally, the System Protector (part of Advanced System Optimizer, the registered versions)

Thank you again.

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Threat -

In simple terms a threat is something that may harm or cause harm. Since we are talking about computer threats I'll frame the definition of "threat" to Computer Security (COMSEC) and Information Security (INFOSEC). Threats are those events, situations, or possible events or possible situations that can put you and computer "at risk". That is these threats are events or situations that can put you in a condition resulting in physical harm, financial loss, information loss, etc. Any computer related security risk is thus a "threat".

False Positive -

A False Positive is a situation where a legitimate file, process or Operating System settings is declared as malicious erroneously. In short, they are falsely declared as bad. Thus they are deemed a "False Positive".


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