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Desktop Not connecting to network sometimes?

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Hi after being away for quite a while & not using the 'desktop PC', it seemed to be slow at first, but then OK. I downloaded windows updates including 'Nvidia driver update' for Geforce 9500 GS, of which the driver update was the only one to fail. Then the PC started to freeze with the mouse being 'jerky' At the time the laptop connected to the network was fine. After switching back on it wouldn't connect to the network, the router appearing fine though. I went into safe mode & the network connection was OK, all the checks with connections that I could check seemed OK? But going back to normal mode, the problem with no network connection reappeared & didn't seem to want to switch off. Only by holding the start button would it switch off.

In safe mode I did a 'system restore', also got rid of previous updates. Now when I come out of safe mode with a restart all is fine. But sometimes when switched back on it doesn't connect to the network. I've scanned with Avast, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware. Checked disk for errors & done a diagnose with in 'Network & Sharing Center' & no problems shown?

It wasn't possible when the PC kept freezing to do a system restore, so that's why it was done through safe mode, would that make any difference?

So at the moment when it is connected to the network & usually after going through safe mode first, everything works as before & fast. It switches off OK too. Then sometimes when switched back on it shows it hasn't connected to the network & won't switch off correctly. & then the options of safe mode with networking (which I use) or normal appear. If going with safe mode with networking then doing a restart the PC will connect & work perfectly. If I was to choose normal its back to not connecting to the network (at this stage the mouse doesn't freeze any more) & problems switching off.

Is there anything else I can do? or do I just have to reinstall everything?

Instead of using the laptop I'm able to compose this question on the desktop, which yet again for the moment appears fine?

PC Details:

Windows Vista Premium (Service Pack 2)

Intel Core duo CPU


3.00GB Ram

Nvidia Geforce 9500 GS

Appreciate any help


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Sure restore from a previous System Restore point and DON'T install hardware driver updates from Windows Updates.

Unless you specifically have a problem you don't need a Geforce 9500 video driver update but if you did, get it from NVidia.

After being away for quite a while the PC was installing updates and checking itself. You probably should have been more patient with it.

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