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Mr. Marcin Sir, :)

While the yellow bug is "OK" in RR pro, as well "OK" in SuperAntiSpyware , is this all tied together and who had it first? Not that it's important, but I would think two apps with the same bug is, well,..."buggy" :) I would think some crossing in the back of people's minds going on when using these two softwares. Depending on WHO had it first, mabye the bug should be changed at least to a different color, like bright green or red? Something else? Just a thought as I have both and sometimes "when my mind is wandering" :) have to double take just what the heck i'm running, lol. No big deal but just a thought :)

Thanks as usual,


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The BUG has actually been used a lot more places. I dunno, maybe one day I will change the RR PRO icon again.. but it would require changing a lot more graphics.

I see, and you are right, I thought I saw that bug before as well. Popular little guy isn't it ? :) Well, i'm not currently the coding type so I can't FULLY understand about all the changes, etc... that need to be done, but I do know enough that it's not so simple and see where you are coming from. So, I won't let it "BUG" me, lol, yeah ok, bad joke. :) I was just curious and you have answered that, thanks.


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