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What does "Error Opening Path" message in Process Explorer mean?

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Good afternoon,

For some time now, when running Process Explorer, I have noted several items which, when I hover the mouse pointer over, display a message which says, "Error Opening Path." Please see the attached screenshot of the top half of the Process Explorer display. There are several other items such as 3 - 4 rundll32.exe entries, csrss.exe, and winlogon.exe showing this as well.

The only other item I note is the computer seems to take a little too long to fully boot up and the CPU usage to normalize. (It will fluctuate radically anywhere between 0 and 100 %, then finally drop to 0 or slightly above that).

Measures taken so far:

- Ran CCleaner (NOT the registry cleaner part).

- Checked disk fragmentation - no issues.

- Restarted computer 3 times and also powered off and back on after a 20 minute wait.

- Ran scans with my AV, MBAM Pro, and SAS - all were clean.

- Ran a CHKDSK command - no issues found.

- System Restore is set at 4%.

Thank you for your time and any assistance in understanding/resolving these issues which would be most appreciated! (System specs shown in Signature line).

Kind regards,



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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply! :)

I am (and was) logged in under the default Admin account.

Best regards,


P.S - By the way...the info you and DD1 provided a while back about available info in the FF & NoScript Forums has turned out to be quite informative for the questions I've had! :D

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Hi, EE:

I'm not sure if that's what Shy meant.

I think he meant that one needs to right-click the shortcut > run as Admin.

(There are some programs that require it, even if one is logged in to Windows with an Admin account.)

You might take a look at this topic and see if any of the 3 methods described there work:


Having said that, I'm not particularly familiar with ProcMon.

So, one of the staff or more expert members will have additional info.



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Hi DD1 and Steve,

You both hit the problem right on target! When I ran Process Explorer using the "Run as Administrator"...I no longer see those "Error Opening Path" messages!

Many thanks to both of you for your help with this one! :D

Best regards (as always),


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Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but by default when you open a command prompt it opens up to your personal directory. However, right clicking it to run as administrator causes it to open up under the system32 path. I think it's because by default when you run a program it uses the current user environmental variables which that one would be under the system variables which probably require administrator access to view in that way.

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