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I've installed this on four of the five computers in the house (some are using the free version).

In ine XP SP3 with almost every MS update this version is using up 00% of the CPU.

The computer almost appears frozen and when I finally get task manager to appear, MBAM is the culprit.

Can you throw me a link to the cleanup tool, please. I'd like to wipe it off and install this version cleanky to see if it makes a difference. There appears to be no problem on another XP computer running the Pro version and a Win 7 running the free version.

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I uninstalled, turned off my MS Security Essentials, ran the cleanup tool and rebooted.

Then I turned MS Security Essentials back on, installed the latest version and again I'm at the 99% CPU usage by mbamservice.exe.

Can I download the previous version?

I have not changed any software except an update to FF and this newer version of MBAM which is causing one computer out of five to choke.

If I install the previous version, the computer will settle down.

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Yesterday's fix has this version working fine in my XP computers. I updated and am running definitions from April 16th so that's good.

Now the problem: on one computer only 3 of the 7 tray icons appear on a cold boot. I know the programs are running because Task Manager confirms that but I have to reboot to get the 4 missing icons. Two of them are important: WinPatrol and MS Security Essentials and without them showing, I can't configure anything if I need to.

My husband's computer has 6 tray icons and his all show.

Do I uninstall, run the cleanup tool for about the 5th time and do a clean install on my problem computer?

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Since I am the only user, my computer is set to not show the login screen.

Today, all the tray icons loaded so I think I am "good to go".

If not, I find my notes so I know what my password is before I select log out in XP then go through that routine.

Thanks again for all the support provided in this forum.

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