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Audio Lag MBAM 1.75

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Hello :)

There is a problem with new version of MBAM When i use protections and "Site blocking" option is in use, i'm getting very high latensy on

Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. Especially when i hear mp3 music through winamp "Site blocking" causes my mouse and audio to stutter. It is really annoying and makes

me not want to hear music :(

When i turn off "Site blocking" everything is fine and normal. After turning on i get stuttering and svchost.exe proccess is going to 22-25% of processor use.

Anywa i think that MBAM is really great malware killer (helped many times as trial) and when u repair this bug i will buy it :)

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Yes, ssoundman is right.

I used the same application (DPC Latency Checker) to measure DPC latencies and when stutter occured DPC was like ~50000, sometimes more. After i turned off "site blocking" feature DPC felt down to 300-500.

Best wishes :)

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  • Root Admin

Yes we are looking into this issue and and soon as we find a solution for it we will post about it and hopefully push out an automatic update to correct it.

For now if your computer is impacted by it you can disable the Web blocker and the file blocker will still function to protect the box until a resolution is found.

Thank you

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