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Can't start virus-infected desktop

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I have a Dell desktop computer that is several years old. I started having issues with internet searches being redirected. I found that somewhere along the line, a bunch of malware programs got installed on the PC such as yontoo, wambah(?) and others. I thought I had deleted all the files but especially with yontoo, I kept finding files that the search feature did not find even though they were named "yontoo". Long story short, I tried to reboot in safe mode and F8 did not work. So I read that I could change the boot up instructions through msconfig and I reset the startup to boot (minimal). Now when I try to boot the machine, the motor comes on but nothing happens. I created a recovery disk from another computer and tried booting that way, but no go.

Anyone have any idea where I go from here?

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Hello and welcome, sbmike: :)

Please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

A qualified helper will guide you through the cleanup process to get your computer back up and running.

EDIT: If you're unable to complete the requested preliminary DDS scans because the system is too crippled, please go ahead and start a topic in the malware removal section or help desk, anyway. The experts may be able to use some other methods to help resolve your issue.



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Did you see my edit?

(Sorry, I meant to include that wording with the original reply.) :(

In any event, the experts in the malware removal section or at the help desk will work with you to try to get the computer bootable and cleaned/repaired of malware damage.

It's just that this sort of work isn't done in this particular section of the forum.



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That's OK. :)

It actually looks as if you've now got **2** posts over in the malware removal section?

(The mods will likely merge them, as there's no need for duplication.)

If I were you, I would sit tight and wait for expert help over in the malware removal section, without trying any more "self-medication", for fear of creating more damage.

Best regards,


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