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Hi, can you tell me if your programme can detect the Citadel Banking Malware? Only just learned about it and if it quite scary that the programme can come through an innocent web-site without you knowing. Even more scary is that if you are an existing customer of this hacking software you can buy updates. How do we protect our computers and smart phones?

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The Cittadel malware is one of *MANY* malware families that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) targets. Malwarebytes' employee Jerome Segura wrote an article about it on the Malwarebytes' blog - Citadel: a cyber-criminal’s ultimate weapon?

One should not look at Cittadel as a singular "scary" piece of malware. It is but one of many malware families that can have catastrophic consequences and one must look at all malware as potentially being "scary".

The way to protect oneself is to...

* Have Situational Awareness, knowing and understanding computer threats.

* Practice Safe Hex

* Use Critical Thought and avoid being a target of Social Engineering

* Maintain your computing devices(s) and make sure the Operating System and all software components are kept up-to-date

* Implement anti malware software (traditional anti virus application plus MBAM) but not rely on it as YOU are the best defense against malicious activity

I have always stated, WWW does not stand for the World Wide Web, it stands for the Wild Wild West as it conjures up the dangerous environment the Internet really is.

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