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Multiple false positives and system freezes...


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I had to disable malwarebytes recently due to multiple false positives and it also causes windows explorer to become unresponsive. Malwarebytes quarantines multiple windows ISO files and the text file with the product keys that I have in the same folder. It claims that they are backdoor agents, but I don't see how. I created the text file and the ISO's came from DreamSpark, so I know they are both clean. The other issue I have is that malwarebytes causes windows explorer to become unresponsive while I am using virtualbox. Malwarebytes was great in the past, but the recent changes to it have made it unusable for me. If there is a solution, I would appreciate the input.

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i would need to see a scan log to help you with this. Normally malwarebytes is not capable of detecting iso files.

As far as freezing is concerned support can help you with this.

The options for support are listed here http://www.malwareby...pport/consumer/

I don't have a scan log yet. The software is picking it up automatically at random times. I will try to get a scan in once I get done with virtualbox, which could be a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, I am currently working on an intense project that can't be interrupted.

I may search around the net regarding the virtualbox issue, but I did create an entry to exclude virtualbox.exe after malwarebytes blocked it and it made no difference.

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