How do I get rid of this Hola Search

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After downloading drivers for my computer I've somehow downloaded malware and now my home page is stuck on this stupid site called and I can't seem to get rid of it.

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@ Jim_Medley:


Until AdvancedSetup returns....

I'm sure you are only trying to be helpful. :)

However, regular members are not permitted to offer malware removal advice.

For everyone's safety, only certain, trained and qualified members are permitted to do so.

Moreover, this work is done in a dedicated area of the forum, >>HERE<<, where only the OPs and the trained helpers are permitted to post.

Thanks anyway for your assistance.

No offense intended. :)

@ chaaz:

Please continue to work with your malware helper, Gringo, over in the malware removal section.

He will get you cleaned up.



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