malware downloader found in rapid gator

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today i downloaded a file from


the file was vue*.rar

i used explorer and it download a malware vue*.rar.exe

i removed/delete quickly

before deleting , i load in virus total and it was flagged by many many av like trojan

i don't have the virus total url about the scan of this file

but malwarebyte did not detect it

did you notice the intent to from this site to download this malware?

did u have it?

because i would like to upload to malwarebyte

and have some info about his actions



Edited by Maurice Naggar

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Hi, julie80:

Welcome. :)

If you think you have an infected website or malware to submit for analysis, please see the instructions here: http://forums.malwar...showtopic=66190

Then please start a new post with the requested info here: http://forums.malwar...hp?showforum=51

If you are concerned that you might be infected, please follow the recommendations here: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

A qualified malware helper will guide you through some additional scans and cleanup, if needed.



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