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Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

TCP witton:epmap 123spywar.com:0 LISTENING

TCP witton:microsoft-ds 123spywar.com:0 LISTENING

TCP witton:1030 123spywar.com:0 LISTENING

TCP witton:1337 localhost:5152 TIME_WAIT

TCP witton:1338 localhost:5152 FIN_WAIT_2

TCP witton:5152 123spywar.com:0 LISTENING

TCP witton:5152 localhost:1338 CLOSE_WAIT

TCP witton:27015 123spywar.com:0 LISTENING

TCP witton:netbios-ssn 123spywar.com:0 LISTENING

TCP witton:1334 qy-in-f127.google.com:http ESTABLISHED

UDP witton:microsoft-ds *:*

UDP witton:isakmp *:*

UDP witton:4500 *:*

UDP witton:ntp *:*

UDP witton:1250 *:*

UDP witton:1900 *:*

UDP witton:ntp *:*

UDP witton:netbios-ns *:*

UDP witton:netbios-dgm *:*

UDP witton:1900 *:*

That is waht i get when i enter netstat -a as acommand

I have run stopzilla, malwarebytes and norton but nothing seems to find the spywar thing, is it bad and can i get rid of it?

performance seems ok

many thanks for any help that is offered.


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