Really unhappy new purchaser...

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Okay, so after a number of years being a very happy (but occasional) personal user of the free version I decided to support you guys (/gals) by buying a pro license... what a disaster!?!

I'm using ESET NOD32 v6 (latest version, updated from v4 yesterday) and so far my experience is:

(1) First reboot after installing MBAM, got endless spinning circle (Win7u hourglass) after logging in. Disabled MBAM in Safe Mode then okay.

(2) Set the MBAM files as ignored as per the forum posts and in MBAM ignored the NOD32 dir. Next reboot got a BSOD.

!!!F***!!! (Hey, last job was head of computer security for a company, so allowed to be pissy.)

So basically I seem to have paid for the free version, since RT protection is okay (well, actually stopped me loading my LinkedIn profile due to the IP filter, which defies belief...) but the paid one is a disaster. Sorry if that seems harsh, but I assume co-existing with modern AV products is a requirement and it so doesn't...

Suggestions welcome...


P.S.The free version is the business, highly recommended...

P.P.S. I don't want my money back, as the free version is great and I'm happy to support you, but the paid version is so awful (with NOD32) it defies belief...

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Hello and :welcome:

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues, but rest assured that the folks at Malwarebytes will get you all fixed up and will get it working for you....

If adding exceptions did not resolve the issue then please contact Consumer Support, or, if you are a business, educational, technician or non-profit customer, then please contact Corporate Support (make sure to include your order number if contacting Corporate Support), and one of our Support team members will assist you promptly.

Thanks :)

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