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SuperAntiSpyware FREE And Malwarebytes FREE?

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Hi, was just wondering, if its okay to have SuperAntiSpyware Free AND Malwarebytes Free on the same computer for on demand scanning? I didn't see a problem if they are both the free versions and wouldn't have realtime protection. Just still wanted to make sure though.

I have Avast Free, in case you needed to know...

Thanks, and I apologise if theres already a topic asking this, I couldnt find one.

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If they don't clash I see no reason why you shouldn't have both on the same computer. A few months back I was asked to look at someone’s laptop which was exhibiting odd behaviour, a full MBAM scan came up clean whereas an SAS scan then picked up some kind of RAT variant.

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Thanks for a reply, is it unnecesary to have both?

Hi -

This often depends on how good your settings are for Tracking Cookies and Hosts file settings. SAS removes Tracking cookies better. We find these items to be minor only.

I am lucky if I find one Tracking Cookie with SAS scans these days, due to Hosts file and other settings. We find that if you scan with MBAM first, it will remove almost all of the major problems, and later scan with SAS to remove anything left,

Since MBAM is not designed to find and remove Tracking cookies, where SAS is.

They will both remove malware infections, but MBAM is usually better and "stronger" than SAS - Having said that I do have a Free version of SUPERAntiSpyware always installed.

Thank You -

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I was searching about SUPERAntiSpyware and on Wikipedia it says: "On 16 July 2011, SUPERAntiSpyware was acquired by Support.com"

Does that mean SUPERAntiSpyware is different and\or less effective\better?

Has it turned into crapware now?

Because I used to have it on my other computer, but I haven't used that computer in years though..

Or should I be posting on the SUPERAntiSpyware forums these questions...?

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(Before you edited:) Yup it was called Pro.Rat or something by SAS, it seemed to be slowly destroying the laptop I looked at and wasn't detected by Avast either... :angry::angry2: Personally, I wouldn't consider SAS crapware, though I do prefer MBAM & use its pro version.

Anyone know how many posts I need before I can edit?

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