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malwarebytes won´t run

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i started this http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=123905

i got this as a response so i´m following the steps http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=119858

i´m gonna paste the same i did in the other thread and ad the new information at the bottom

as soon as i start the computer i get a ldr.mcb has encounter a problem and needs to close message

i have no internet connection on that computer (i´m using another one) i also apparently dont have copy or drug capability (i read another post in this forum and an user had the same problem)

i don´t know if i have an infection or not

i use a pendrive to install files. i managed to get the panda vaccine in the netbook and the pendrive (and the other computer)

i used ccleaner (i got some error message from it so it doesn´t work at 100%)

and hijack this (it works ok)

i tried to install malware antibytes which i could but i can not run it

i got the famous '372':vbalsgrid6.ocx error

i found the forum googling the error. i have read the forum this answer didn´t work http://forums.malwar...?showtopic=9413

i got "the administrator has set policies to prevent this installation while trying to install the subnlacl program

i could not get passed that restriction

i also got a windows installer problem message

i read that this particular problem was popular back in 2009.

i tried to reinstall certain visual basic stuff in an attemp to replace the vbalsgrid.ocx i could´t either

i get the message visual studio 6.0 service pack 6 setup was not completed successfully

i did a CHKDSK /R that was ok. but nothing much changed

after i also to tried to repair windows using a xp cd. long story short that didn´t work but may be the cause in that a have a spanish win cd and the windows of the netbook is an english version. i didn´t get the repair option, after you press install. i could had installed but i got a warning saying that there was already a windows folder and wether i wanted to replace it or use a different one to install. obviously i didn´t install.

i have noticed a misterious out.bin file in my desktop


ok new info

the rkill.exe did work i have a log if you need it

the chamaleon does not start either. the help file opened and i clicked all the bottoms and i newer so the black screen dos i´m supposed to see

i´m not sure if this is an infection

what do i do?

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Hello mulderfox.

Do you still have the same issue regarding MBAM?

Your windows repair attempt was ill-advised. It may have put the Windows o.s. installation in a questionable "state".

IF Windows installation has been "horked" you may wind up having to do a factory restore.

The HijackThis tool is obsolete. It is rarely used these days.Do not use it.

Do not run any more tools on your own, while I am helping you and until I give the all clear, do not do any fixes or changes on your own.

Download OTL by OldTimer to your desktop: http://oldtimer.geekstogo.com/OTL.exe

  • Close all open windows on the Task Bar. Click the otlDesktopIcon.png icon (for Vista, or Windows 7 / 8 Right click the icon and Run as Administrator) to start the program.
  • In the lower right corner, checkmark "LOP Check" and checkmark "Purity Check".
  • Now click Run Scan at Top left and let the program run uninterrupted. It will take about 4 minutes.
  • It will produce two logs for you, one will pop up called OTL.txt, the other will be saved on your desktop and called Extras.txt.
  • Exit Notepad. Remember where you've saved these 2 files as we will need both of them shortly!
  • Exit OTL by clicking the X at top right.

Download Security Check by screen317 and save it to your Desktop: here

  • Run Security Check
  • Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the command window.
  • A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; close Notepad. We will need this log, too, so remember where you've saved it!

Then copy/paste the following into your post (in order):
  • the contents of OTL.txt;
  • the contents of Extras.txt ; and
  • the contents of checkup.txt

Be sure to do a Preview prior to pressing Add Reply because all reports may not fit into 1 single reply. You may have to do more than 1 reply.

Do not use the attachment feature to place any of your reports. Always put them in-line inside the body of reply.

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IF your Windows is from Acer computer manufacturer, please be sure to uninstall any antivirus program (which likely is only a "trial" version) and then install your own antivirus.

IF you had a license (paid) for an antivirus, then obviously do a new install of that.

IF you did not have an antivirus and cost is a factor, then ....

Download and install an antivirus program, and make sure that you keep it updated

New viruses come out every minute, so it is essential that you have the latest signatures for your antivirus program to provide you with the best possible protection from malicious software.

Two good antivirus programs free for non-commercial home use are Avira Free Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials

Choose one of them.

Note: You should only have one antivirus installed at a time. Having more than one antivirus program installed at once is likely to cause conflicts and may well decrease your overall protection as well as impairing the performance of your PC.

Print out and save for your future reference the following tips.

Safer practices & malware prevention

Since you have wiped & re-installed Windows, I will now close this help topic.

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