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malwarebytes won´t run

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hi i have several problems with my a acer aspire one netbook windows xp sp3.

as soon as i start the computer i get a ldr.mcb has encounter a problem and needs to close message

i have no internet connection on that computer (i´m using another one) i also apparently dont have copy or drug capability (i read another post in this forum and an user had the same problem)

i don´t know if i have an infection or not

i use a pendrive to install files. i managed to get the panda vaccine in the netbook and the pendrive (and the other computer)

i used ccleaner (i got some error message from it so it doesn´t work at 100%)

and hijack this (it works ok)

i tried to install malware antibytes which i could but i can not run it

i got the famous '372':vbalsgrid6.ocx error

i found the forum googling the error. i have read the forum this answer didn´t work http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=9413

i got "the administrator has set policies to prevent this installation while trying to install the subnlacl program

i could not get passed that restriction

i also got a windows installer problem message

i read that this particular problem was popular back in 2009.

i tried to reinstall certain visual basic stuff in an attemp to replace the vbalsgrid.ocx i could´t either

i get the message visual studio 6.0 service pack 6 setup was not completed successfully

i did a CHKDSK /R that was ok. but nothing much changed

after i also to tried to repair windows using a xp cd. long story short that didn´t work but may be the cause in that a have a spanish win cd and the windows of the netbook is an english version. i didn´t get the repair option, after you press install. i could had installed but i got a warning saying that there was already a windows folder and wether i wanted to replace it or use a different one to install. obviously i didn´t install.

i have noticed a misterious out.bin file in my desktop

i´ve come a long way.... i have read other forums. each thing i try fails and more problems appear. i´m really frustrated

please help.

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  • Root Admin

Hello and Welcome to Malwarebtyes

Its probably best that you have one of the Experts help you look into this further.

I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.


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