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Magnipic.exe Trojan severe symptoms! Help!?

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I am encountering severe no response problems with my computer, and I think I am infected by the Magnipic virus. But let's take things from the beginning.

A month ago, I accidentally installed Privitize VPN... When I realised it was a virus I downloaded Malwarebytes to get rid of it. Fast forward a week ago. Malwarebytes started repeatedly showing a virus called Magnipic.exe in the Quarantine section. I if course removed them, but they kept popping up. Fast forward two days ago. I can't go online whatever I do. Fast forward a few hours ago. I fix the problem by switching my adapter off and on through the computer (hardware switch didn't work). Therefore I try opening chrome. It doesn't respond. I press it quite a few tines and wait, but nothing. No program or command, or shortcut responds. I force shutdown. I do this one or two times, until I stop and shutdown properly before I enter the interface (I run on Windows 8 btw). I manage to restore my computer to a previous point, but I see no results. I manage to get into safe mode and run Malwarebytes, where I encounter Magnipic once again. It says it needs me to restart, so I do. But the situation gets even worse,since now not even the advances startup options work, thus I can't refresh or reset or enter safe mode. What do I do now? Please help me!!! Its urgent! If you can't tell me thus, then at least tell me how to boot into safe mode again ( Shift +F8 doesn't work )....

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Welcome, RavenArrow: :)

It does sound as if you may be infected.

We can't work on malware diagnostics and removal in this sub-section of the forum.

So, for expert assistance, please follow the recommendations in this sticky topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

A qualified helper will guide you through the cleanup process.



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RavenArrow, they do get busy there and most are all volunteers and being that its the weekend, I am sorry to say that you will just have to wait until someone picks up your topic, but as soon as someone becomes available they will help.

Thanks for your patients....

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Hi: :)

Yes, you have posted now in the correct area of the forum for malware help :) .

Please be patient and wait for assistance from one of the helpers.

The forum can be busy at times & many of the helpers are volunteers, so someone will help you as soon as possible.

In the interim, please refer to the instructions >>HERE<<, and complete the requested steps with the DDS scan, if you can:

HOWEVER, please do not reply back to your other topic or bump it while while you wait for help -- the "0" reply count helps the experts spot those threads still waiting for assistance. So, just hang onto the DDS logs, if you have them.



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