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Why am I getting a ton of pops up that say : c:/Windows/scvhost.exe Trojan.Agent

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Whats going on with the Malwarebytes? I have always had it and it worked great! Now all of a sudden it doesnt seem to want to work the right way ... and every time I tried to use it it would tell me that it had an updated that it needed from 70 something days ago .. and then when I tried to update it , it then gave me an error. SO .. I have since clicked mbam-clean.exe and run it which it has uninstalled the program from my computer. I then re-installed it and I am now running a full scan. However with that being said I am NOW getting tons of pop ups all of a sudden that is saying : Malwarebytes has blocked and quarantied a threat: c:/Windows/scvhost.exe Trojan.Agent. I have probably got one after another at least 100 little pop ups that come up at the bottom right hand side of my computer through out the time it is doing a full scan.

HELP ! Why am I all of a sudden getting all these pop ups one after another, and what are they ????? Please help me asap.

P.S - I am including a screen shot of what the pop up looks like and what it says. Just look for the red arrow in my screen shot and at where it is pointing to ..... Also please inbox me if you dont mind to tell me what is going on , cause I'm afraid I will not be able to find this post again.


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The malwarebytes is still as of right now doing a full system scan. So do I just need to go ahead and stop it ? I also just now got a pop up from my norton that said something like " auto protect has removed security risk trojan"

The computer appears to be infected with an MBR rootkit infection.

I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.


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Option 1 is the only option I can do. I am not a paying customer and that is what Option 2 says is that its for paying customers. Even right now .... I am still getting that pop up in the bottom right hand side corner like that is in the screen shot I posted above. No joke .. its at least 6 times or so that I get that pop up per min. I did not have this problem until I re-installed the Malwarebytes and started the full system scan. Its now been 2 Hours and 55 mins. and still getting that pop up. Surely someone can help me without me having to pay for help !

Please just choose option 2 and contact the Help Desk and they will help you clean the computer.

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I finally got the 2 reports and saved them to my desktop. So I went and created another post with those 2 reports in them. I couldnt figure out how to delete my last post so it may look like a duplicate possibly. Is there a way I can delete a post? I need to make sure to keep the one that shows the 2 reports in them.

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