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I think this would be an extremely useful function; I have a laptop from a friend that is already infected with a virus that is threatening to encrypt their data unless they pay $100.

I don’t want to boot into Windows in case the threat is real and they actually have access and can do this- which I believe they do because they took control of the webcam and took a picture of her.

Of course, there are other tools I can run from a USB, but I have such faith in Malwarebytes I want to be able to use this to feel confident the infection is cleaned. (And will install and use it when I am confident that other solutions have at least isolated the threat!)

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Hello and welcome: :)

This has been requested many, many times here at the forum.

The program is not designed to work from a flash drive or removable media.

However, you can use a clean, working computer to download the program & definitions, copy to a flash drive, and then use that to install MBAM on the infected machine.

There are some other tools, such as Chameleon, that may also assist you in getting MBAM to run on an infected rig.

For example, see this pinned topic at the helpdesk: Use Malwarebytes Chameleon to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on an already infected system.

If you would like help from a malware expert with cleaning your friend's computer infected with the ransomware, please follow the recommendations here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

Thanks for the suggestion. :)


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@ Smiling_C


Urge your friend to join the forum and get help directly, or if they have a Pro license, to use the Consumer Help Desk.

Part of our mission is education of the end-user so that they learn directly how to prevent malware infections. Dealing directly with the owner of the system is especially important if there is an issue of identity theft with the malware-infection.

While likely well-intended, being the middle-man is not advised.

As to running off the usb, the reality is pretty much analogous to that of your antivirus program being installed on the local drive and depending on Windows to run.

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