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I had a similar problem. My computer started running eratically so I ran the malewarebytes and it found a trojan gen 2. Said it was removed. I then ran CCleaner. After this I ran SUPERantispyware and it founf that the Trojan Gen 2 was still in some files. I have since reran malewarebytes and it finds nothing. However, all of my link boxes show as red X's. The selection/toggle buttons do not display correctly either.

This is also the case on this page as I post to you so I apolgize if this is not the correct way to post to ask for your help, but I can not see the links to select the correct options.

Any assistance you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

(I have read on some other posts to select the have responses emailed to me option, but again, I cant see any of these links/buttons)

Thank you


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