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Malwarebytes 1.7 corporate, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 virtual machines on Microsoft Hyper-V platform

We are seeing latency caused by the website blocking module, which is to be expected to a degree, but it seems to be pronounced on virtualized machines running under Microsoft Hyper-V 2.0 and 3.0.

On a physical machine, we have seen pings go from 1 ms to 3 ms, but on a virtualized machine we are seeing an increase from 1 ms to 10 ms for a workstation used by a single user.

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Greetings :)

Thank you for the detailed info, this should prove quite helpful in having our Quality Assurance team attempt to replicate the issue. If you would, please contact Corporate Support directly about this so that they are aware as they may have additional steps for you to try to troubleshoot and diagnose it.

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I have been looking into this and wanted to get some additional information.

1) How are you setting up the pings? Is this the VM pinging the physical machine running it or is it the opposite?

2) Are you using windows ping in cmd.exe to test the latency issues or another method?

3) When you see the increase from 1 ms to 10 ms, is it consistently going up to 10 or is this rare? Could you give the output from your ping tests?

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