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I placed MB on Facebook , to follow it and read that Java had a problem and I was just wondering , why I was promted to download Java in order to get in to the Malwarebytes Forum on Feb 12 , 2013? I am not sure I understood what I read in FB , but did download Java and then was able to log in to MB

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If I knew what exactly to ask for I would , but it is nice of you to offer. Thank you . I do know I will have to take my machine in , I don't see well enough to try it on my own and you would only get frustrated with me. I did down load SpywareBlocker and see something there I would question seems odd C:\WINDOWS\system32\blank.htm in the Local connection area

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Oh I see.

I've never heard of SpywareBlocker. A quick search indicated that it was released in 2006 and has not been updated since or have had much reviews. I suggest uninstalling it as a security tool that is rarely or not updated anymore does no good. Malware is constantly being released and improved so outdated security programs will not do anything to stop or help prevent it.


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Hi, whonew: :)

In addition to DSK's sugggestions...

Is this the same computer with which Maurice Naggar is already helping you over in the malware removal section >>RIGHT HERE<<?

If so, then the best bet for everyone to avoid confusion would be to continue to work with Maurice over in your other topic.

He will assist you with checking out the problems you're having running MBAM PRO.

Or, perhaps it is a different computer with which Maniac was helping you in another, recent topic >>RIGHT HERE<<?

With so many open forum topics, at least two computers, and 2 different member profiles/accounts (whonew and whonew2), you might prefer instead to open a ticket directly with the helpdesk >>RIGHT HERE<<.

A member of the support team will assist you, one-on-one, via email, with each of your computers, to get them up and properly running MBAM PRO.

<just a suggestion> :)


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