Is this Conime a malware?

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Hello, I am new to being a more than basic Malware fighter,

I run AVG Premium Security on my Pavilion 6v6. When I run the Fix Performance (Quick Tune), i get the following reported in the Registry Error:

32: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft

Windows\Current Version\Run\Conime

It is listed in the Catagory: Autostart

I have and Run Malwarebytes Pro AVG 2012, and Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool. Only the AVG Fix Performance program finds this and temporarily removes/fixs it. So I am wondering if this is a real program or the Malware program. And thoughts.

I have also run Kaspersky Maiware remover program and Hitman Pro. Neither have found this either. So I am just wondering?

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Hi, Shade: :)


Sorry your post was overlooked. :)

Here is an older topic from the MBAM forum regarding this detection:


It appears to be a legit file, but I suppose it's possible that it could be infected.

Or it might be a FP by AVG, especially if MBAM and your other anti-malware/anti-virus tools don't pick it up.

So, you might want to report it at the AVG forum/support to see what they say.

If you would like the MBAM engineers to analyze the file in question, please start with the instructions in this pinned topic: http://forums.malwar...showtopic=66190

Then please post the requested info in a new topic here: http://forums.malwar...hp?showforum=51

If you would like a qualified malware expert to assist you with running some scans to be sure the system is clean, please follow the recommendations in this sticky topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

One of the helpers will guide you through some diagnostics.

Please reference this post by including the following link when you submit your helpdesk ticket or post in the malware removal section:



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Sorry Dale,

I am really new and learning this stuff. What does FP mean? Is it Fix Performance?

I will report it to AVG. Thanks. Will let you know and try and do the other things you suggested.



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