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Im having an issue with malewarebytes Theres a couple of programs ventrilo (viop software) and utorrent(file sharing) that i use frequently and have for years and mwb all ways gives me those anoying IP block balloons when running it. I've tried putting the program folders and the .exe files (and every other file from said programs) on the ignore list but it still keeps waring me about the programs. Is there any way to turn the stupid things off?

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Hi, again:

I replied with what might be some helpful info in your other topic. :)


Hello and welcome:

I'm not familiar with the application, but it appears to be legal, legitimate software (some sort of VOIP client?).

Until an MBAM staffer stops by, is MBAM quarantining the program, or are you getting IP block balloons when running it ?

If MBAM is detecting the program as malicious, and you believe it to be a FP, then please follow the steps in >>THIS STICKY TOPIC<< and then start a new post in the FP section >>HERE<<.

If you are getting IP block balloons when using the program, then you might find helpful information and suggestions here, explaining how MBAM works with Skype/P2P programs, and the suggested workarounds:

What does it mean when I get an IP alert about blocking a 'malicious' site?

Why does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware block Skype?



PS As DHL suggests, the mods may move this topic to another area of the forum. ;) (Sorry, DHL! I was typing, while you were posting, apparently. :) )

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