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BlueStacks registry folder that stucks


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hello everyone

i having an issue here

there is android simulator software called "BlueStacks", because i am no longer use it, i uninstalled it

but the uninstaller is so lame... it done anything at all, like leaving the proggram behind, services that created by the proggram still there, startup files also there, and tons of registry

it basically just remove the desktop shortcut

so i removing it manually. it went good until i tried to remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks

it basically empty registry folder, but i can't delete it... it said error, file cannot be found

please see the attachment (sorry for the language, i am using japanese windows7 )

i tried regassasin to remove it but still got no success

anyone can help me remove this annoying things

thank you very much

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Hello and welcome, slyphnier: :)

I'm not familiar with that particular application, but a Google search turned up some worrisome information -- the reviews are generally very unfavorable, based largely on your observation: the program is nearly impossible to remove! :(

For example:

Uninstall didn't remove the program. It also leaves a service and a share pointing to the old My Apps folder. No bluestacks removal tool available. Have to dig it out by hand.


Use at own risk until removal tool is available.


There's probably not enough space on the internet to list everything wrong with this program, so here's the condensed version: its a disaster. The install routine itself is one of the worst I've seen in a Windows app. Once you start it, pray to whatever God you worship as there is no Cancel button or any button at all, or any way to manage the process throughout. If you happen to not be online while installing, then God help you and prepare for the process to hose itself and litter your machine with all manner of junk. Uninstall? Forget it, the software doesn't uninstall itself correctly; you have to take up your mop and broom and get to work manually removing this train-wreck of a program. This is pre-Alpha software, at best. You've been warned.


Avoid this program like the plague. -5 star.


You'll definitely need some expert help with this.

The experts will likely need to use some powerful tools to backup your registry and clean this application's remnants out of your registry and off your system.

For starters, please follow the instructions below to run DDS and post back here with both of the logs attached to your next reply.

This will provide a bit of basic info about your system.

Also, although the program is not malware, per se, the mods may move this topic over to the malware removal section, as that's the forum sub-section where extensive/intensive computer cleaning is performed by the expert helpers.




DDS Instructions

Download DDS from one of the locations below and save it to your Desktop:



Temporarily disable any script blocker if your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware has it.

How To Temporarily Disable Your Anti-virus, Firewall And Anti-malware Programs

Once it is downloaded, you can disconnect from the Internet and disable your Ant-Virus temporarily if needed.

Then double click dds.scr or dds.com to run the tool, on Vista or Win 7 right click and select Run as administrator

Click the Run button if prompted with an Open File - Security Warning dialog box.

A black DOS console should open and run for a moment.

  • When done, DDS will open two (2) logs:

    1. DDS.txt
    2. Attach.txt

  • Save both reports to your desktop
  • Please attach both of the following logs to your next reply: DDS.txt and Attach.txt
    You can ignore the note about zipping the Attach.txt file in most cases.

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hi daleloc1

thanks for the reply and lots of information

yeah those information are correct, the uninstaller leaving all things behind, it seems what their uninstaller do is removing desktop shortcut and probably disable window services... i never find such bad uninstaller

but again the program still on beta phase, so probably developer still focusing in the program stability/reliability rather than other else

we will see about that later

so far manual removal went okay

there some registery locked (like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\Root\LEGACY_BSTHDDRV) but can be removed by changing the permission

i am not sure whether there still some registry left behind or not, but for now the only things i want to remove is "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Bluestacks" registry root/folder... the folder didnt have any registry in it, but i can't remove it


i tried some registry editor software, and with the software, i tried to force change permission and delete

after the folder got deleted, it just return back in seconds :(

right now i am gonna try PCRegedit, it seems i can't remove/delete it after login to windows

if it still now work, i will post the dds log/result and ask for another help in here :)

thank you

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Personally, I would NOT recommend using those registry "cleaners" without expert guidance.

They can cause serious damage to your system.

And "self-medicating" by editing the registry yourself without sufficient backups can also be risky.

You could easily end up "solving" one problem and creating another.

Since you posted here looking for help, I'd stick with my original suggestion to start by posting the DDS logs, so that the experts can obtain some basic system information.

The experts will review the logs and advise you further, e.g. to seek help in the malware removal section, if needed.

The helpers who work there are trained to safely scan and clean your system with powerful tools, as needed.

Having said all that, it's certainly up to you. :)

Perhaps one of the other members or staff will have some different recommendations.... :)



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Hello -

Personally I would prefer to go the way daledoc1 has put to you -

This is from a link left at one of the PCRegedit download sites ......

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Registry_cleaner#Registry_damage < Wikipedia link related to Registry Cleaners. (Extracts from the entry)

Registry Damage

Some registry cleaners make no distinction as to the severity of the errors, and many that do may erroneously categorize errors as "critical" with little basis to support it. Removing or changing certain registry data can prevent the system from starting, or cause application errors and crashes.

It is not always possible for a third party program to know whether any particular key is invalid or redundant. A poorly-designed registry cleaner may not be equipped to know for sure whether a key is still being used by Windows or what detrimental effects removing it may have.

Also Note:

Registry cleaners have been used as a vehicle by a number of trojan applications to install malware, typically through social engineering attacks that use website popups or free downloads that falsely report problems that can be "rectified" by purchasing or downloading a registry cleaner

Thank You -

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i agree with daledoc1 and noknojon ... i strongly suggest that you stop trying to fix the problem without help .

as mentioned those "registry help/fix" programs can result in a non-functional machine ... they are not safe to use by a person that is not familiar with how the windows registry works .

a friend called me ... he used one of those "registry help/fix" programs , the machine "blue screened" .

he brought it to me . i asked him if he made a backup of the registry on disc or flash drive , he said "what ?" .


there was no way to know how long it would take to fix the machine/registry (or even if i could fix it) . he needed the machine "right away" (for his business) .

i was able to put his hard drive on one of my machines , pull the files/data that he needed to save , and then perform a full install of windows .

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  • 3 years later...

I know this topic is old, but since I face this myself, would like to give some feedback. Now the Bluestacks installer is rubbish. If there people who made Bluestacks reading this, shame on you. The uninstaller leaves behind a lot of rubbish, a lot of folders need to deleted manually and it leaves behind rubbish keys like  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks. 

Now per Malwarebytes' scanner, it doesn't report any malicious activity, and Avira doesn't report any virus either. But Avira claims its a 'hidden object'. I don't like objects that hides itself on my PC, so I decided to use every obvious fix available, Malwarebytes' own RegAssassin, 3rd Party brute registry cleaner, MS own System Internal tools too change registry permissions and list goes on. Short story nothing worked, and most if not all the tools reported they couldn't 'see' this key despite running them using admin privileges. 

Salvation came from my secondary Linux OS as I read about a tool called 'chntpw' tool in Linux that is able edit Windows registries without giving any BS about not the detecting the keys.  There are many tutorials that show you how to mount the windows partition in Linux and deleting these garbage keys safely. If you don't have a Linux OS, there are also methods describing booting Linux from USB or CD drive and running the tool from there like below.


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  • 1 year later...

I regrettably downloaded and installed Bluestacks and then uninstalled. Obviously, from the comments here, I see that it does not uninstall completely...registry keys, etc.  @daledoc1 I did as you suggested to another user and got the logs you mentioned. I'll attach them here, though I have no clue what to do with them now. I know nothing about registry keys and all that. I would be very grateful for any help to clean my system of this Bluestacks nonsense. Thanks :) 



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3 hours ago, AmandaMichelle said:

I regrettably downloaded and installed Bluestacks and then uninstalled. Obviously, from the comments here, I see that it does not uninstall completely...registry keys, etc.  @daledoc1 I did as you suggested to another user and got the logs you mentioned. I'll attach them here, though I have no clue what to do with them now. I know nothing about registry keys and all that. I would be very grateful for any help to clean my system of this Bluestacks nonsense. Thanks :) 




You responded to a real post with real old instructions. 

So, for expert assistance, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

It explains the options for free, expert help >>AND<< the suggested, preliminary steps to expedite the process.

A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue




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