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I have the PRO version but was getting a runtime error so I followed the advice and uninstalled, then reinstalled MBAM. Now I no longer have the PRO version because I don't know what my key was. How can I get the pro version back please?

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I did find the receipt for where I paid for it, but it doesn't have the key information on it.

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Hello and welcome, abricru:

If you've already uninstalled MBAM, you won't be able to get the info off your computer,

You'll probably need to contact the reseller to get your license ID/key.

The ID & key would have been in the confirmation email from Cleverbridge that was sent after the purchase.

If you didn't print out that email or write down the info somewhere, then you may obtain assistance with this directly from Cleverbridge:

email: cs@cleverbridge.com


Phone: +1-866-522-6855

Their full contact info, including service hours, can be found here: Why is my payment processed by Cleverbridge?

If you purchased MBAM in a box, then the license ID and key will be in there, instead.

FYI: You ought to be able to activate the 14-day free trial of the PRO version (which is enabled by default), while you are sorting out your licensing issues, if you have not already previously used the free trial on this computer. :)



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