MBAM crashes

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Hello, Fill: :)

Possible reasons for MBAM crashes include conflict with the anti-virus, corrupted files, bad disk sectors, infection, etc.

A few troubleshooting suggestions are described in the FAQ - Section L.

Given the subject line of the forum topic in the link you provided, it's likely that infection is causing/contributing to the problem.

It will create confusion & inefficiency to have you and/or the OP get help in two different forums at the same time for the same problem on the same computer.

So, until an MBAM staffer arrives here in this topic, it would probably be advisable to do the following:

  1. Close the topic at your forum;
  2. Ask the OP to follow the recommendations in this pinned sticky topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

The experts here will assist the OP in cleaning the computer and in getting MBAM up and running.

>> The MBAM staff may have different or additional suggestions. :)

Thanks for your patience.



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I don't think the computer is still infected, but I told to follow the new instructions.

Thank you.


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